Cooking, But Not Really: NARUTO RAMEN!

  • Published on:  4/9/2017
  • In honor of one of our all-time favorite shows, Sean and I decided to do a NARUTO edition of Cooking, But Not Really! Book Tour info and Pre-order links "how to write good" Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • samgaming2000
    samgaming2000 2 years ago+3526

    they should make there own restaurant...but not really

  • Twinkle Desai
    Twinkle Desai 11 months ago+3159

    Who's here after Sean left :'(

  • JCP Central Brony
    JCP Central Brony 11 months ago+2258

    I love this Series because of 2 things
    1) Cooking

  • victoria b
    victoria b 11 months ago+976

    0:15 "You know why its a sad day today?"
    Because you left 😭😭😭💔

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 7 months ago+716


  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato 7 months ago+435

    To this day, we do not know if Sean washed his hands before making more ice-cream surprise balls 😂

  • Marilyn Xiong
    Marilyn Xiong 11 months ago+769

    7:37 it sounded like Ryan was about to say “Smart-ass” but quickly changed it to “Smart-a-mee” 😂

  • Aditya Hegde
    Aditya Hegde 9 months ago+98

    Ryan is a Titan from Attack on Titan
    Proof: he eats raw men...

  • Ana L.A
    Ana L.A 2 months ago+133

    Ahh I miss cooking but not really 🤧🖤

  • _Magentia_ /MagentaPurpose
    _Magentia_ /MagentaPurpose 11 months ago+380

    Who else came back to watch these because Sean is leaving :c

  • JukeBoxBro's
    JukeBoxBro's 2 months ago+52

    99.99% -"Whos here after Sean left?"
    00.01% - Video

  • OK Dean / Amiel Blue
    OK Dean / Amiel Blue 4 months ago+41

    Next on “Cooking, But Not Really”:
    Ryan makes dinner for Arden

  • D.L.C.
    D.L.C. 11 months ago+245

    Now Sean’s gone 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jiu Won
    Jiu Won 2 years ago+1952

    "Dude, You're Cutting something. Thats Cooking" -Ryan's logic 2017

  • ColdTiger77
    ColdTiger77 11 months ago+125

    Now ryan has to learn how to cook because sean's gone

  • Wei En Huang
    Wei En Huang 11 months ago+210

    You know what’s even sadder?sean left rhpc

  • Anime is Awesome
    Anime is Awesome 11 months ago+84

    0:09 it's a sad day.... Yes it is cause Sean you left 😔 😔

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim a years ago+51

    gordan ramsay reacts to cooking but not really

  • Vicky Huynh
    Vicky Huynh 11 months ago+44

    Since sean left what's cooking but not really gonna be like

  • Redsweet Flame
    Redsweet Flame 2 months ago+21

    You call this not cooking? This is better then what I can make lol teach me senpai