Best Wrecking Ball COVERS on The voice

  • Published on:  5/30/2018
  • Names Contestants AND Songs:

    1. Claudio Cera: "Wrecking Ball"
    2. Luis Pedraza: "Wrecking Ball"
    3. Christina Grimmie: "Wrecking Ball"
    4. Viveeyan: "Wrecking Ball"
    5. Rui Drumond: "Wrecking Ball"
    6. Chen Bing: "Wrecking Ball"
    7. Aimee Fitzpatrick: "Wrecking Ball"
    8. Matthew Schuler: "Wrecking Ball"
    9. Victoria Adamo: "Wrecking Ball"
    10. Winny Guerra: "Wrecking Ball"

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