DISTURBING: He'd "Never Seen Anything Like This in 40 Years"...

  • Published on:  9/9/2018
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  • The Hooded Mans Bushcraft

    That countryside is awsome...

  • Em Renée Inman-Bhandari

    Added a link for you to do your investigative magic. Much love from Asheville, NC

  • Em Renée Inman-Bhandari


  • Em Renée Inman-Bhandari

    HI!! TYLER, just watched a video where you recommend watching the movie The Bay, and almost instantly it reminded me of a case that happened I believe within the last year in NC. You should check into the Flesh Eating Bacteria cases here. Very similar to what my boyfriend and I seen in the movie. Also just wanna say how much we love your channel and the work you do!! Love SecureTeam10!!

  • king kong
    king kong 8 days ago

    The Aliens have the biggest collection of Cock and Bull in the cosmos ! I wonder if the mutes,are time/ country specific, for example big lot of mutes in the mid 70's in USA.. then Indonesia..then another place, not here there everywhere?

  • Succulent Chinese Meal

    I’ve lived in Australia my whole life, there are no Tasmanian devils anywhere close to the clovelly region. Dingoes would be the next best bet but even they are not found in that part of Queensland. So rule both of them out.

  • Keith Rodgers
    Keith Rodgers 9 days ago

    Drain the blood through the holes and then use lasers to remove organs for dna replication or adaption or modification of an off world species to enable them to live on earth. An advanced civilisation that clearly has the ability to study, modify their own species.

  • Kamal Tawfik Ta Ka Ta

    It seems that aliens are fond of cows meat 🐮

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 10 days ago

    those poor souls are propably just queuing at wellfare office...

  • Shayne Lafferty
    Shayne Lafferty 11 days ago

    Dude please lower the volume on your intro. Those snare drum are loud af. Makes autoplay annoying af

  • Sim Streeter
    Sim Streeter 11 days ago

    Completely honest here. I think we have been subjected to experiments for centuries. Not only humans but our animals too. Maybe one day we can catch them in the act of abduction of our planets life... They have cloaking devices that make it nearly impossible for us to observe them in action.....

  • Gus Edgar.
    Gus Edgar. 11 days ago

    Needing major surgery shortly & considering the dreadful state of the British National Health Service, I may lie out in the paddock tonight & pray for a visitation from the wee-ones......!!
    On the flip side, I've heard Tyler describe their 'bedside manner' as very haphazard at the best of times......!!!
    Decisions.... decisions.....

  • Jenny Lozoya
    Jenny Lozoya 11 days ago

    Whats the link to the other video u mentioned

  • Robinson Soraisam
    Robinson Soraisam 14 days ago

    hurry! legit "CHUPACABRA" rampant killing incidences in manipur

  • Roberto Alex Figueroa

    Just are cows for Javeh ... :(

  • Robinson Soraisam
    Robinson Soraisam 14 days ago

    secureteam pliz investigate possible "CHUPACABRA"
    killing livestock currently going on manipur by typing "killing livestock in manipur" . A rampant is going on for about a month.

  • B R
    B R 17 days ago+1

    Who doesn't love a good cheese burger. Obviously
    Our cosmic cousins love them too.

  • Dea
    Dea 17 days ago

    Poor creatures as if they aren't abused enough by us but being massacred by ET too ... At least humans feed them to eat them, these ET's massacres are absolutely worse killed for the hell of killing it seems

  • Ronald McCormick
    Ronald McCormick 19 days ago

    If it were e.b.e.'s we'd have been toast ages ago. No, this is man made mayhem, and they don't even have the moral turpitude to pay for their indulgence. Look high tech cow catchers, can't you take the ears, tongue and utter without killing the cow? Hello!?! What is peculiar about these particular tissues?

  • kimberly Rousseau
    kimberly Rousseau 19 days ago

    You don’t hear of this much anymore wasn’t sure it was still happening...wow that’s so strange
    Linda Moulton Howe investigated this phenomenon for quite sometime. Yes off world 🌎
    A human also ? Weirdness
    They keep the blood Hunn?
    Thanks Tyler for keeping us informed