DISTURBING: He'd "Never Seen Anything Like This in 40 Years"...

  • Published on:  9/9/2018
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  • Street Deacon
    Street Deacon 11 months ago+499

    2:13 I'm glad they blurred that cows face. Protecting it's identity so it's family doesn't find out on the internet first...

  • Kevin Francis
    Kevin Francis 11 months ago+72

    Cows getting it bad, on earth and in space...

  • Banana Lana
    Banana Lana 4 months ago+6

    Linda Moulton houw was the first person to break this case back in the 70s check Out A strange harvest

  • Greg Lancer
    Greg Lancer 11 months ago+65

    Let's get together with our firearms and sit on skinwalker ranch at night or a ranch where this happens frequently and take down whatever appears to attack the cattle ;)

  • William L.
    William L. 11 months ago+21

    Ever since I first herd of these these moooo-talations, I've been so udderly freaked out I tend to steer clear...it might behoove udders to do the same.

  • Black G
    Black G 11 months ago+198

    Put Body Cams On All The Cows

  • GoNZO
    GoNZO 11 months ago+90

    I do believe there are sentient beings beyond earth no doubt. But I also know that the Govt can easily make it look like other beings are doing this. The next Govt false flag will likely be an alien invasion,they can do it no problem they have flying saucers that can lift people and animals out of thin air, so they can very eslily convince millions were under alien attack. Only to install a new 1 world religion. #2 They could also more easily stage a frigging intergalactic war in space just watch any star wars movie and you'll believe this too. Stay frosty folks.

  • I'm Negan
    I'm Negan 11 months ago+52

    When you say "hey, whats up guys" you sound like sid the sloth from ice age lol.

  • Renegade therapist
    Renegade therapist 11 months ago+15

    This is very disturbing to me for several reasons. First is, I have empathy for the poor animals who are having this done to them and many are alive when it happens. They must be terrified. Animals deserve proper treatment, people who aren't very sensitive have no idea who animals really are. Things happen to humans too, is this to scare us into keeping us in submission? I think it is more frightening to think it is the government than aliens because it shows more how we are governed by psychopaths and that, to me, is scarier than an alien trying to get parts and does not know what empathy even is. Either way I wish it would stop and I wish the government would just tell us everything. They are withholding medical advancements, energy advancements and much more!! We have been kept in the dark long enough and many people are waking up, thank God!



  • Adam Hand
    Adam Hand 11 months ago+234

    I don't watch TV any longer......its YouTube and aliens for me.......

  • rsuriyop
    rsuriyop 10 months ago+7

    Why doesn't anyone try to put out surveillance cameras to see what's going on?

  • WiLLi4M
    WiLLi4M 11 months ago+8

    Alien Harvest by Linda Moulton Howe, emmy award winning reporter video about cattle mutilations

  • KarmaVixen
    KarmaVixen 11 months ago+2

    Linda Moulton Howe ftw on this subject. Follow the trail, y'all.

  • Faragequit
    Faragequit 11 months ago+5

    Maybe the government is building a Frankencow.
    Seriously though maybe cows have something special inside them and it is being harvested for reasons unknown.

  • marcus alexander
    marcus alexander 11 months ago+237

    Yo tyler what's up my girl think im crazy for watching your channel but she be right here listening like what he say 😂

  • Todd P.
    Todd P. 11 months ago+19

    Cows have even been found dropped on top of telephone poles and fences!

  • Artur Stankevich
    Artur Stankevich 11 months ago+3

    Iinteresting , do all cows always react in such manner to a flying drone ? Or they are just scared of “something flying” which might take them up ?

  • Jono Horvidalla
    Jono Horvidalla 11 months ago+2

    Alien Biology students doing their Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy projects...

  • The_GamingChef
    The_GamingChef 11 months ago+7

    Maybe the 4th dimension?