iPad Pro Bend Test! - Be gentle with Apples new iPad...

  • Published on:  11/16/2018
  • Protect your iPad or phone with dbrand!: https://dbrand.com/hero Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this iPad Pro Bend Test. Apple says their New iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that does everything you need, any way you hold it. (As long as you are gentle of course.) Today we are going to find out how durable Apples new piece of glass really is. How good is the drawing on the iPad? We'll be testing that out with Art Class With Jerry. (Which side did Apple want us to draw on again? I forget...) And finally we will finish off with the New iPad Pro Bend test, this will tell us realistically how much force the iPad Pro can withstand while it is in your backpack or book bag, or while being accidentally sat on.

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  • Aisha Nicole García López

    Even if I was gonna get paid to do this I couldn’t do it. That is waste. A kid from Africa could have eaten that iPad

  • Medical Memes
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  • Jessica Wakefield
    Jessica Wakefield 29 minutes ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Anaofabeto
    Anaofabeto 36 minutes ago


  • Tree Clan
    Tree Clan 42 minutes ago

    Homeless kids could have ate that ! >:(
    ( I’m just kidding I loved this ! If I offended u then .... sorry :/ )

  • Mike Android
    Mike Android 43 minutes ago


  • Collin Rohlik
    Collin Rohlik 54 minutes ago

    Seems very premium, one of Apple's best products

  • Banana Dolphin :3
    Banana Dolphin :3 54 minutes ago


  • Jose Larios
    Jose Larios an hour ago

    Can u give me an iPad I don’t have one I only have an Samsung kids tablet

  • Jose Larios
    Jose Larios an hour ago


  • RNG Gaming
    RNG Gaming an hour ago

    2:41 made me cringe soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard.

  • Brandyn Hathaway
    Brandyn Hathaway an hour ago

    i love how he doesn't care when he breaks it in half😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PokeGuavGirl 07
    PokeGuavGirl 07 an hour ago

    *And that's why kids you want Android products*

  • slavik geninski
    slavik geninski 2 hours ago

    this video makes me want to die that sound though

  • TheFuryKingYT FPSGaming PocketGaming SandboxGaming

    His voice is calm. But he’s so violent.

  • Lion Rebel
    Lion Rebel 2 hours ago


  • otaku sad
    otaku sad 3 hours ago

    This hurt my feelings

  • MrXircle
    MrXircle 3 hours ago

    rip money though

  • Amy Usme
    Amy Usme 3 hours ago

    You are hurting my soul 😭

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 3 hours ago

    My cheeks hurt from grimacing because of that damn scratching