Kanye, Forbes List, Zimmerman Threats, Russ vs. Smokepurpp | State of the Culture (Episode 2)

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Scottie Beam, and Jinx dive into the Hip Hop & Entrepreneur Forbes List (1:09), George Zimmerman threatening JAY-Z & Beyonce via text messages (12:36), Black Lives Matter Movement Debate (18:00), Russ' Crew Jumping Smokepurpp at the Splash Festival in Germany (26:02), Drake and Meek Mill reuniting on stage (31:35), Kanye West tweeting Watch The Throne 2 coming soon (38:37), The State of Kanye West (39:50) Wale's Music (44:32) #SOTC#StateofTheCulture

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    Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Scottie Beam, and Jinx cut through the noise to get straight to the core of the most controversial and challenging conversations in pop culture, politics, social justice, and more—all through the lens of hip hop. Unapologetic, unfiltered, and sometimes unconventional, Joe Budden and his squad of hip hop experts serve as our culture's most creditable connoisseurs, leading the way under a single mantra: in order for our culture to elevate, we must begin to communicate. The movement starts now.

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  • Tevin Revell (Sep 17, 2018)

    They really acting like they can’t understand that dude actually got some truth in his message , y’all swear he just slow smh .... blm is definitely not just a internal message

  • HumbleB 2u (Sep 30, 2018)

    Kevin Williams and where is Remy music. That shit wack. Hat's why she doing this.

  • lovechild tre (Sep 23, 2018)

    Tevin Revell agreed...I understood what he was trying to say...

  • Jinx definitely won me over with this episode... he's the most intelligent person on the panel by far.

  • Dare Solomon (Oct 30, 2018)

    hmadblwi How is it possible that some people on here call others dumb. A difference in opinion does not signify higher level of intelligence at times. REMI is right, black folks need to get with the program First. Jinx is also right, we need to get the message out there.

  • xHartliss Hates MTXs (Oct 27, 2018)


  • Sci (Sep 29, 2018)

    Scottie Beam FINE AS A MF

  • Tino Garcia (Sep 24, 2018)

    "When they don't care, we die." Damn Jinx, I see you. Respect

  • Kamaal GunSmoke (Sep 22, 2018)

    Jinx is the youngest cast member yet his mind is lightyears ahead of everyone elses thats why they dont understand em...

  • E Ferrell (Oct 30, 2018)

    +baby draco Nelson u do realize there are ghetto people in the real world,right? Does being ghetto make ur opinion any less valuable? Typically the purpose of a panel is different people with different povs can discuss their perspective. U have Scotty who is sensitive, an advocate especially for women's rights. U have Jinx who is wise beyond his years yet young enough to kind of give a perspective of his peers. Remy is old school, blunt, unapologetic n honest. N Joe is Joe. Everyone has a role n it cr...

  • baby draco Nelson (Oct 3, 2018)

    kickAssZeem that’s why she’s there to bring the ghettoness which I feel is not needed. You don’t always need to ghetto black queen.

  • jason jason (Sep 17, 2018)

    Its sad that Remy keeps shows a lack of respect to jinx just bc he doesn't sound "hood" enough, when his voice and mannerism is what we need more of.

  • NNP Phillips (Nov 28, 2018)

    True it’s rude

  • Davion Williams (Nov 21, 2018)

    They said they don't believe the blm message should be external, then jinx breaks it down and asks do they believe the massage can be both internal and external and they said yes! 😩 Then they calling him on sending mixed messages? Wtf

  • Rich Dieu (Sep 19, 2018)

    Jinx is a well-spoken black man and the sad thing is in this community well-spoken black men get put in a box, that they are not hood or never been through the "everyday struggle" that a lot of black men go through. Remmy is not fit to carry a conversation to this magnitude due to her small-minded "I'm right, your wrong "attitude. Jinx's ideology is of a man with a clear understanding of the problem and a way to fix it .

  • addy Babalola (Nov 11, 2018)

    +leftyinthecity intelligent/respectable black men do get put in a box but non-intelligent black men/women. I see it happen all the time. Yes you're right in saying intelligence doesn't equate to corniness but there are a lot of ppl who feel differently. And I can attest to be treated like I was "corny" because I was a smart girl amongst a large group of ppl who weren't smart but that I went to school with.

  • DKMediaTemple (Nov 1, 2018)

    Thats not true lol. You just carry yourself like you're not hood which translates to unrelatable. Gotta carry yourself like a man. A respectable man.

  • Constance Tillman (Sep 21, 2018)

    Remi thought she was gon bxtch Jinx 😂 well he showed her.

  • carlosandmuriel (Sep 25, 2018)

    He was so damn classy.

  • James James (Sep 19, 2018)

    Remy felt stupid when she said jinx never done anything or been through nothing. She said you "look like" and he checked her. Cause everything he says he did showed he's willing to be in the fight and she hasnt done anything. She thinks her legal and law troubles makes her down nah you was in trouble cause of your stupidy not fighting a cause. She's a example of black ppl thinking there problems with the law makes them thorough.

  • Love XOXO (Oct 17, 2018)

    Yes she should have said are you dumb to her damn self. She is not a black person really out there fighting these causes but she has so much to say. She stereotyped him just because he's intelligent and well spoken that means he aint down, and he aint never been in the hood. Shut yo dumb ass up. The most articulate men rise up from the hood, everybody aint trying to look like a hood ass drug dealer or something.

  • 171TITO (Oct 2, 2018)

    +lwgy r Well you do have a right to your opinion

  • Con (Sep 20, 2018)

    Does jinx have a podcast or something? Dude needs his own platform.