Secret Life of the Long Haul Flight

  • Published on:  11/12/2017
  • This 2017 documentary tells the story of the long haul flight. Step inside the Qantas A380 as they make the 11,000 Mile journey from London, England to Sydney, Australia. Each year over 300 million passengers fly over 6 billion miles on long-haul flights. Like flying hotels they transport people across the world in comfort and style but what does it take to keep the giants in the sky?


  • David Paddy Evans
    David Paddy Evans 2 hours ago

    Everyone has comment's? About this video is a good idea to encourage one's like uz... I am scared to go on plane's, only been sort flights in NZ.. Heading off overseas with my partner from Italy 😘🇮🇹it's long flight journey da hour's in da sky and I will step up not to have Anxiety too.. My Son loves it flying since birth on travelz and in Airforce cadets learning as his Aunty and uncle was off services..
    Thank yous for sharing
    Aotearoa Warrior
    Amazing Love xo 💕🇳🇿

  • Mirza Munim Baig
    Mirza Munim Baig yesterday

    The very big flaw in that aviation documentary, the wing and cockpit scene of take off is from any Boeing 737 filming.

  • Ed Petrovski
    Ed Petrovski yesterday

    There was a time when I actually liked flying. Y'all may not believe it but a passenger could walk up to the ticket counter half an hour before departure, buy a ticket with cash, check bags for free, walk down to the gate and get on the plane with nobody asking for an ID. No metal detectors or X-Ray, no TSA document/identity check, no baggage inspection.....nothing. People were well dressed, polite and respectful, cabin crews were happy to help you with anything, food was...well...not bad even in economy. You could actually get a tour of the cockpit. Drinks were free. I played the baby grand piano in the upstairs first class lounge on a Boeing 747 while sipping champagne. Flying first class from Calgary to Toronto on Canadian Pacific on the dinner flight I would be asked which cut of the prime rib I wanted--and the smiling flight attendant would cut a thick slice right from the middle for me accompanied by a vintage Cabernet. Today? I hate flying. Cattle cars, interminable waiting in line, machines that look through your clothes and baggage, poorly dressed and ill behaved passengers, surly cabin crews, customers treated like sheep on their way to the slaughter......terrible. I still fly--internationally usually--but I try to fly on foreign flag carriers. The service I get from those airlines is head and shoulders above the US carriers. If I need to travel in the US I try to drive. If you could travel back in time and wouldn't believe it.

  • Faith Olsen
    Faith Olsen 2 days ago

    I want this plane as my private jet 🛩. I'm working on a multi billion dollar company. I've grown up on air craft my whole life. I'm hopefully going to be picking up my new puppy in California soon. I'm waiting to hear from the lady at the pound. I can't book my flight until the lady at the pound contacts me. I only eat ranch dressing on salad when flying.

  • Saravanan M
    Saravanan M 2 days ago

    Add subtitles, it understands easily compared to audio

  • Dee Larry
    Dee Larry 3 days ago+1

    Cheers Malcom

  • Theresa Malinoski
    Theresa Malinoski 3 days ago+1

    A great video.

  • Steve Melillo
    Steve Melillo 4 days ago+1

    so the FN lesbians have invaded England....thats where all the black lovers came from also

  • Steve Melillo
    Steve Melillo 4 days ago+2

    the show wasn't bad until they had the story about the two fn* lesbians..... it ruin the whole show

  • UConnhuskyandrewnduati

    How dare they make me tear up at work, all was trying to do was find something educational to watch while I work, I ain't trying to go through all these feels!

  • Mc Nugget
    Mc Nugget 5 days ago+1

    The longest flight i took was a 7hr flight on qantas flight 37 from melbourne to singapore lol i was vomiting so much on the flight

  • Denis D
    Denis D 7 days ago

    @44:43 There's always one dozer in these meetings

  • X
    X 8 days ago

    Holy fuck it’s enough of the 380

  • Chuck Olmstead
    Chuck Olmstead 9 days ago+1

    Why are ALL male stewards always hot and gay?

  • Jeff Santiago
    Jeff Santiago 10 days ago+1

    Excellent documentary regarding the work, attention to detail, and all departments required to successfully transport people across the world!👍

  • RoyMcAvoy
    RoyMcAvoy 11 days ago

    lesbian couple - checked

  • Jackie chan_WTF
    Jackie chan_WTF 11 days ago

    Those are some motherfuckin irresponsible parents. So your gonna pack up with an infant, fly to Sidney, and see if you like it or not? God damn, that's ridiculous.

  • Mars Webster
    Mars Webster 12 days ago

    enjoyed it, too much talk of poop however

  • Jeron Playz
    Jeron Playz 12 days ago

    2:05 You mean TAXIED?

  • Vindhya Tanwar
    Vindhya Tanwar 12 days ago+4

    At last I am crying 😭😭😭 why.
    Sydney is really beautiful 😊