• CharlieBo313
    CharlieBo313  a years ago+52

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  • john smith
    john smith a years ago+105

    I've read some of the comments and just because these are low rent homes does not make the people less valuable just because they do not live in a, "gated" community. Some of the worst and most vile evil and violent people you can ever meet come from affluent backgrounds.

  • abdub7
    abdub7 a years ago+30

    Maybe I’m biased (I’m from S.C.) or maybe it’s the trees and grass, but S.C. hoods look a lot more pleasant than a lot of the other hoods on this channel.

  • Rickykainz 79
    Rickykainz 79 a years ago+15

    Yo my city Columbia SC this is the hood not the worst but a respectable hood if you knw about it👌

  • Kuirt Dukes
    Kuirt Dukes a years ago+70

    The 803.

  • CB And
    CB And a years ago+43

    Pick up the trash and plant some grass it would be a descent neighborhood. It's missing tlc the potential is there.

  • SNOOP U 2
    SNOOP U 2 a years ago+5

    At least those home's have spaces between them come to California and see how everything is smashed together and you will know why people are getting sick n tired of the politicians telling people how to live

  • Nick opinion
    Nick opinion a years ago+20

    Not a bad looking hood to be honest, just need to fix the street.

  • Nh3rdSt Jam
    Nh3rdSt Jam 7 days ago+3

    Come to Greenville & Spartanburg Sc

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken a years ago+40

    Columbia SC is where some of the realist are at I love my second home my first Home is Florence SC, now I’m in Charlotte NC been here for 6years

  • R C
    R C a years ago+4

    Ride thru the colonies and the bishop. Go thru gonzolas gardens at night. Errie

  • Angela S
    Angela S 7 months ago+3

    I lived in Columbia for 15 years and these areas are not the HOOD!!!!! If you did not go through Saxon Homes by Allen University or Green St. behind MLK park, you haven't seen shit there... these are dream areas compared to what you show up North...
    AND you can always count on Southerners to be courteous, dude waving you through at the 4 way would never happen up there with you Yankees.... yewwwwww Southern Hospitality even in the ghetto - gotta love it!!!!

  • Michael Kenyon
    Michael Kenyon a years ago+2

    Yup I'm in South Carolina Lexington a better part of sc peaceful all woods not like this part

  • Timothy Paulino
    Timothy Paulino a years ago+3

    I lived in the Highlands in Northeast Cola, it was a decent middle class neighborhood. A lot of army familys stationed at Jackson stay there

  • Nathan Philpott
    Nathan Philpott a years ago+20

    Probably the same Obama gas station that's on LivePD.

    JIMJAMSC a years ago+5

    Looks like right off two notch road. You got close to some areas where fire/emt refuse to go unless escorted. Nearby there was a brand new development the city spent tens of millions on that was n i c e... Within 6 mo it was destroyed. Metal hand railing, man hole covers, shutters, a/c units and even plants and trees were stolen.

  • Quickflip Network
    Quickflip Network a years ago+18

    This is my city. This is the N. Main area.. That side of town is bad but not the worst

  • Jo
    Jo a years ago+7

    Columbia is a weird place where the poor and the rich live side by side

    STOP STOP 3 months ago+1

    I always thought the people standing outside EVERY liquor store were employees waiting to begin working their shift inside the store.
    I just didnt understand why they didnt shower before coming to work.

  • Jordan Mack
    Jordan Mack a years ago+5

    These comments are killing me 😂😂 I was looking to see my homie standing outside. 803!!