• Selena Colon-Lara
    Selena Colon-Lara 35 minutes ago


  • Carmen Smith
    Carmen Smith 5 hours ago

    Hi Ace 🤗 I just saw the video of how you funded water wells. In the beginning of your video I cried right along with you Hun 😢 People over here take so many things for granted. I know what it feels like to have nothing...go to bed hungry ☹️ In my house Ace my husband and me refuse to throw away food because we know people are going hungry in this world. May God continue to bless you and your family especially your little princess 👼 Amen ✝️ Much love and happiness to you always Ace ♥️♥️♥️

  • Mahlet Zeleke
    Mahlet Zeleke 11 hours ago

    Austin may God bless u more and more u make me cry may God protect u and ur family big respect.

  • Lesina Mika
    Lesina Mika 11 hours ago

    ace family, my heart is thankful for you. you are truly blessed with Gods love, helping people, supporting them. I am blessed to have you ace family. I can not go on a day without you ace family. God bless you Austin and Catherine and your beautiful 2 daughters.

  • Becky Morel
    Becky Morel 12 hours ago

    I would be so appreciative of your Vlogmas prize! About a year ago, my family went through some tough times. We went through the loss of my grandfather to cancer, and my father also had a heart attack on the same month. As you can imagine, hospital bills are not easy to pay off. Nevertheless, I am proud to say I am the daughter of a VERY strong heart attack survivor <3
    It’s been a little tight with my college tuition and I have been trying to save up to get myself a car. This money would really help me out in being able to get around to places while we get the money situation straightened out. I love you guys so much and aspire to have a family like yours! XOXO ~ Becky M. ($Beckyym25)


    Golden heart

  • Nehemiah Oliveras
    Nehemiah Oliveras 12 hours ago

    I’m crying so much

  • Crystal Navarro
    Crystal Navarro 13 hours ago

    Who ever gave this video a dislike, I want you to reply to this comment explaining why the hell you gave this vid a dislike, like wth were thinking when watching this video that made you dislike it... plz explain

  • Lisa Pennington
    Lisa Pennington 14 hours ago

    This was defiantly an eye opener I actually cried my eyes the whole video

  • Mbayang Mbye
    Mbayang Mbye 16 hours ago

    I can't..... I really can't watch this

  • Ben Holland
    Ben Holland 16 hours ago

    This is so cool dude I went there for a mission trip in 2012 can’t believe you went to the same place as me !

  • Colleen Pando
    Colleen Pando 18 hours ago

    I cried through whole video I shared video with my son who has behavioral problems along with mental disabilities and he cried too. He hugged me and said " thank you mom for doing the best you can for us" I won't be able to buy my 3 kids anything for Xmas I have a shut off notice for lights and this made me realize it can be worse...ACE FAM AUSTIN,CATHERINE, ELLE, ALAIA thank you I watch every video and save it to my ace fam videos yous are the best

  • Marlene McIntosh
    Marlene McIntosh 18 hours ago

    good job bro

  • Briona Avie
    Briona Avie 21 hours ago

    takes a real man to be able to express himself like that

  • Nisha Ghimire
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  • Marissa Kiran Hassanally

    I cried for this entire video, it was just sad.

  • Ja'Zavion Talbert

    i love the baby

  • Selma Keshityeni
    Selma Keshityeni yesterday

    Wooow😢😢😢this is so wonderful and touching...may the most high God keep blessing the Ace family..

  • Cecilia Soriano
    Cecilia Soriano yesterday+1

    Now I have learned my lesson that if we don’t want to eat like an hamburger or a taco it doesn’t matter what we eat what matters is that we get to eat and I learned my lesson all thanks to the ace family and I know what it feels like because I barely have a place to live and my parents sacrificing themselves for me and my two brothers is just a blessing because we are all healthy and we use to live in a garage and now thanks to our family they helped us out and now we have a nice little apartment thanks for listening ace family. A thumbs up would at least help 🙂🙂

  • Ennew Nunmawi
    Ennew Nunmawi yesterday

    @Austin I'm in love with ur work... This is litrlly wht i love to do... I've alwys wantd 2 help othrs and alwys wantd 2 be a part of ur work.... How blessd u are... GBU and ur family... It just brk my heart watchng this.. N I'll pray for them...