Trevor Noah Plays 'Who’d You Rather?'



  • Sam KC
    Sam KC 3 months ago+25526

    I like how he’s respectfully rejecting the women

  • Griselda Bankroll
    Griselda Bankroll 2 months ago+12260

    “Omg you’re Rihanna”
    “Dude we been dating three years “ 😂😂😂😩😩😂😂

  • pat lindsey
    pat lindsey 1 months ago+4841

    Legend has it Trevor Noah is still in his dressing room waiting for Nikki Minaj

  • Talida Kurtmann
    Talida Kurtmann 28 days ago+3755

    ‘That’s how long they last’
    Had me dead🤣🤣
    2.2K likes omg tysm😭😭 it’s the most I’ve ever gotten before!!!
    2.4K wth!!!

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 1 months ago+3096

    “If she wants me, that means her buns want some from my Anaconda, so we’re rolling”
    That’s probably the funniest thing I have ever heard

  • Annie D.
    Annie D. 3 months ago+11188

    “Didn’t think we’d be talking about your anaconda.” Lol

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 21 days ago+1133

    “I’ve always wanted to date a Kardashian for like a week”
    Ellen: Well that’s how long they last.

  • Prithvi Vc
    Prithvi Vc 2 months ago+4666

    Ellen straight up pimpin out Nicki and the Kardashians 😂

  • Starlight Fevoura
    Starlight Fevoura 2 months ago+3576

    Hearing Nicki from a far "You choose the right one" lol

  • Resha Wells
    Resha Wells 2 months ago+2015

    okay can we talk about this color on Ellen I mean just gorgeous😍

  • Bella Gefen-Alves
    Bella Gefen-Alves 2 months ago+1086

    i love his personality he seems so sweet and loving

  • Concrafter Fan
    Concrafter Fan 21 days ago+393

    I didn't know this guy existed until now😂
    He's amazing!

  • Sherry Alexa
    Sherry Alexa 2 months ago+864

    Ellen: Klhoe or Nicky minaj
    Trevor : yes

  • Gomolemo j
    Gomolemo j 1 months ago+614

    Whose a South African being proud here in the comments

  • Maha Rashid
    Maha Rashid 2 months ago+341

    The way he said the word 'together ' 😍😍 3:25

  • Kaos One
    Kaos One 2 months ago+520

    Ellen: Khloe Kardashian or Nicki Minaj?
    Me: my hand.

  • Samoy Slew
    Samoy Slew 21 days ago+186

    This dude cracks me up! 'Now I jump....Nicki Minaj'

  • Kimberly N
    Kimberly N 1 months ago+279

    His South African accent really came out when Nicki came into the picture 😂

  • Laura Arambula3
    Laura Arambula3 4 months ago+8995

    The title should be "Trevor Noah switching girls in less than a minute"

  • Kpop Gamer
    Kpop Gamer 2 days ago+3

    “Her buns want some from my anaconda”
    Dirty minds be like: 😂😏