Alright! | Date Dosti Etc. ft. Kritika Avasthi, Ambrish Verma

  • Published on:  5/28/2019
  • Nisha is all set for her first #Tinder date with Rahul and her wingman Gaurav is there to help her. But what happens when her wingman disappears during the #date. Will the date go as planned? Will they ever meet again? Yes or no! Well, let’s find out through this hilarious and #funny sketch.

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    If you have had a similar experience where you went on a Tinder date with or without the help of a wingman, then go ahead and tell us in the comments!
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    Cast: Kritika Avasthi, Ambrish Verma, Jahnvi Rawat, Ramandeep Singh
    Head of Content: Neel Jadhav
    Creative Director: Akhilesh Vats
    Written by: Shaharyar Farooqui
    Director: Neel Jadhav
    Director of Photography: Jatin Bajaj
    Chief Assistant Director: Vimal Bora
    Assistant Director: Harshpal Singh
    Line Producer: Hardik Gambhir
    Sound: Suraj Singh
    Make Up & Hair: Shafiq and Amir
    Costume: Aditi Srivastava
    Production Manager: Himanshu Solanki
    Production Assistant: Neeraj, Dharmendra
    Editor: Manbodh Panwar
    Colourist: Tarit Bose
    Casting by: Hardik Gambhir, Akhilesh Vats
    Graphics: Jay Prakash Mukhiya, Shubham Dhanawat
    Production Design: Sharanjeet Kaur Sidhu
    Music: Epidemic Sounds
    Marketing: Jasmine Sodhi, Ayush Panwar, Shivangi Verma, KG, Pranjli Mehmi
    Produced by: Rusk Media

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