High school musical 2

  • Published on:  11/16/2018


  • isaiah karetu
    isaiah karetu 4 months ago+987

    Hers a tip next time please don't post something that gliches every second like button if you agree

  • Piglovergamer 231
    Piglovergamer 231 4 months ago+1753

    Dude it freezes every time!!! And is anyone watching in 2019?

  • HeyIt'sSarah
    HeyIt'sSarah 7 months ago+400

    Did anybody else think they finally found a video that was full screen AND good quality? I guess you can’t have it all.

  • youngdexx the lord
    youngdexx the lord 8 months ago+994

    Am i the only one but it keeps freezing

  • Lyla Coutts
    Lyla Coutts 8 months ago+657

    Ok seriously if your gonna post a video make sure it doesn't freeze every five seconds

  • Mey Arce
    Mey Arce 8 months ago+301


  • Aisha Nabwiri
    Aisha Nabwiri 1 months ago+64

    Am so disappointed next time don't post a move that keeps on freezing , is anyone watching with me in 2019

  • 235zj4528
    235zj4528 8 months ago+169

    I couldn't watch enough because it kept freesing so many times.

  • Libby Hendry
    Libby Hendry 3 months ago+65

    i wanted some fun with my old friend high school musical but i am distraught to see this glitching and i am sad to be watching this disgraceful video...

  • Rain Hetaraka
    Rain Hetaraka 5 months ago+51

    Seriouly This Is My Favourite Movie But It Keeps Frezzing Wth!!!

  • Hini Khalaf
    Hini Khalaf 3 days ago+7

    August 2019?

  • Molly Grenci
    Molly Grenci 8 months ago+122

    Why does it keep FREEZING?😐

  • marih mary
    marih mary 6 months ago+143

    Alguém brasileira (o)

  • I don't have an account name and nobody cares

    Hashtag searching for those who speak in English coz everybody's comment is in Spanish Language haha

  • alexsandra araujo
    alexsandra araujo 8 months ago+32

    Seria bom se fosse em portugues né 😪😪😪😪😪

  • El ramadan ramadan
    El ramadan ramadan 7 months ago+143


  • Hermoza Meronvil Aldéus

    I love this series so much

  • Sophia Jean Toussaint
    Sophia Jean Toussaint 8 months ago+7

    I like high school musical but the viedeo keeps freezing so im gonna give a thumb down maybe next time it dont keep freezing

  • Amazing Channel
    Amazing Channel 8 months ago+55

    This is freezing,...

  • HeyitsHeidy _Yt
    HeyitsHeidy _Yt 5 months ago+74

    Its freezing because they don't want to get copyrighted.