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  • Published on:  9/22/2018
  • Desi Lydic shames parents for complaining about a man who hangs out in the park and offers their kids handmade magic wands.Subscribe to The Daily Show: The Daily Show:Twitter: full episodes of The Daily Show for free: Comedy Central:Twitter: The Daily Show:Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Christian Schoff
    Christian Schoff 10 months ago+2305

    His wands are really cool but dear god he needs to learn how to phrase things better.

  • Oh no it's marshie
    Oh no it's marshie 10 months ago+1077

    Not gonna lie, I want one of those magic wands... they look so well made and pretty.

  • Error CRJ
    Error CRJ 10 months ago+1552

    Good intentions... bad phrasing :v

  • ArticWolf325 !!!
    ArticWolf325 !!! 10 months ago+135

    Don't we have a holiday about a guy who gives free toys to kids? And that guy comes into your house at night.

  • Ranger Truth
    Ranger Truth 10 months ago+795

    Somebody send that dude to LARPing conventions, he'd make a killing.

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G 10 months ago+675

    I met this guy a couple years back when I was studying by La Jolla Shores. I was by myself but there were other people around but I still felt sketched out when he approached me. Wary as I was we talked and had a nice conversation and he gave me one of those fun passes. Overall nice guy and has a sweet dog I just don't think he understands his position as an older male coming up to young people can be suspicious. I think he has good intentions though. Even so always be on your guard in these situations.

  • Charles Eye
    Charles Eye 10 months ago +168

    "I have a magic wand for you, in my car. Wait here and I'll go get it...but you can only have it if your mom says it's okay."
    This is the opposite of creepy, Trevor. This is someone going to his car by himself to get something for a child's mother to approve before giving it to said child. He didn't lure her to his car. He didn't try to keep the gift a secret from the kid's parent. Calm down.

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja 10 months ago+568

    Not quite sure but since the wands actually look nice- I will give this man a pass, if it is true what he says and does actually consult the parents first before giving kids sth from his car. For some reason I do want to believe he is truly just being nice

  • Alex Desvrieux
    Alex Desvrieux 10 months ago+206

    People keep saying he needs to change his sentences. The only thing that makes it bad is our dirty minds. When kids ear magic wand they think magic wand. At that age their minds havent been dirtied yet. This speaks volume on how bad society has become.

  • DasDoeni
    DasDoeni 10 months ago+664

    He WANDS to make the world a better place

  • Alias Anybody
    Alias Anybody 10 months ago+305

    I guess the guy is okay but we are way too perverted.

  • Gao Md
    Gao Md 10 months ago+622

    Hi random scroller hope you are having a good day.😘😘😘😍

  • Chris Jozwiak
    Chris Jozwiak 10 months ago+134

    I get he could phrased things better but I don't think he deserved to be portrayed like this.

  • Jolly Tamale
    Jolly Tamale 10 months ago+160

    If Mr.Rogers started today, he'd catch a case 🙄

  • TheSturdyOak
    TheSturdyOak 10 months ago+135

    I genuinely believe he's a good guy. When you're out in the open blatantly interacting in this manner, there's no ill will. It's the people that you least expect and that portray themselves otherwise, they are ones that end up doing the bad stuff.

  • Ariana Grande iced latte
    Ariana Grande iced latte 10 months ago+216

    He is giving out wands for freeeee
    I guess that’s what made parents so overly sensitive cuz you don’t get something fancy for free

  • Don Budha
    Don Budha 10 months ago+361

    I hope their husbands cheat on them with their hottest nannies (lol)

  • Yuki Amolinia
    Yuki Amolinia 10 months ago+80

    No but really that's just a guy making some dope ass wands like i mean have you seen these things?! Had someone told me this guy existed when i was WAY into harry potter i'd have thrown money at the guy.

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil 10 months ago+97

    Did anyone else notice that Desi's opening was her tossing the baby, not catching it, and then smiling like nothing happened? I had to rewatch to make sure, because it was well done.

  • L D
    L D 10 months ago+83

    I feel like the message for this segment is a bit mixed. it probably made more helicopter parents.