BgA - Who's It Gonna Be (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  3/24/2017
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  • Annnishere (Sep 23, 2018)

    It's been over a year drop the comeback

  • #Hi I'm Imphanda (Jan 16, 2019)

    I just want to remember that Jun has his own original song and it's really good.

  • Sara Ling (Jan 12, 2019)

    we demand a comeback

  • Chanul 123 (Dec 19, 2018)

    In rewind they included kpopbut missed the best group

  • Konradven De La Cruz (15 hours ago)

    엑소앨자나 me too

  • 엑소앨자나 (15 hours ago)

    Aaaaaaaa i miss BGA

  • hocus pocus . (Dec 10, 2018)

    When you realize there cant be a comeback bc Jun actually left BgA to become a solo kpop artist

  • Jayyosuko (18 hours ago)

    +Spirit Flame its not

  • Jayyosuko (18 hours ago)

    He's still a really good singer😔

  • Jaz (Jan 5, 2019)

    It’s 2019 and I’m still waiting for the comeback

  • Sea Pearl (Feb 9, 2019)

    Same ;_;

  • Big -Fan (Feb 9, 2019)

    Me too....ㅠㅠ

  • Dank Santa (Dec 7, 2018)

    Apparently Ryan is the main rapper but he can do high notes.Multitalented band PEOPLE STAN NOW

  • ItsYukichan  (11 hours ago)

    Namjoon Jr

  • TariqTv (Mar 25, 2017)

    Only Ryan can make a Kpop parody and have it trending on the actual charts

  • GabRonFlyRoe (Feb 3, 2019)

    TariqTv so true

  • Therealone 11 (Jan 6, 2019)


  • lucky surya (Nov 4, 2018)

    Ok, EXO is having a comeback, so when will you guys

  • Jayyosuko (18 hours ago)

    The shaddeee

  • Noi 1301 (Dec 20, 2018)

    Chioesity Kumma actually on jun’s wikipedia page he’s registered as a member of BGA, so BGA would classify as a boy group

  • OZ Tv (Nov 27, 2018)

    Dear Ryan, can u make more BGA songs......

  • Galidor Thingy (Feb 6, 2019)

    Get this dear ryan TRENDING!!!

  • otsukare (Dec 6, 2018)

    did BgA sign to YG? cause they've been in the dungeon for too long it's been a year we need a comeback

  • Killer Nemesis Gaming (Dec 9, 2018)

    8:47 who saw Paco in the audience

  • Miraculous Gacha (2 days ago)

    And derrick