Can These Chefs Create These Twin's Magical Feast?

  • Published on:  10/26/2018
  • Tasty Chefs Alix and Alexis compete to turn twins Drew and Carter's wizard drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Whose dish will slay the dragon?Follow Alix @majortraegerFollow Alexis @alexisdeboschnekCheck us out on Facebook! -


  • Thuytrang Ngophan
    Thuytrang Ngophan 2 months ago+3894

    Alix is like your dream kindergarten teacher, Alexis is the mom who knows thing you want that you don't even know you want. and Rie is like the mom you didn't appreciate enough until you grow up

  • Maggie Miller
    Maggie Miller 3 months ago+2305

    The kids tell this story about the good dragon and bad dragon. The good dragon likes fruits and veggies and the kids like broccoli coincidence i think not😂 well done parents😂👏

  • KingHenry1015
    KingHenry1015 2 months ago+2268

    Im not used to seeing Alix without Rie

  • xXMagicalDesirexX
    xXMagicalDesirexX 3 months ago+2243

    Alix: "I once accidentally ate cat food"
    Alexis: "Wait, Why?"
    Alix: "iT wAs oN a FoRk"

  • EyesCream _
    EyesCream _ 4 months ago+1329

    alix is so cute and playful i like watching her cook she's so fun 😆

  • Maqsuud Hoshey
    Maqsuud Hoshey 3 months ago+664

    I love broccoli I can't understand why other kids don't, honestly.

  • Judy Wu
    Judy Wu 3 months ago+143

    kids: It doesn’t look like a dragon.

  • Sneet Ninja
    Sneet Ninja 2 months ago+227

    Alix is an actual child, and I love it! 😂😂

  • A puglife And more
    A puglife And more 4 months ago+468

    Me: squezes ketchup in public
    Ketchup: fart noises
    My last two brain cells: 7:43

  • TheWho Man
    TheWho Man 2 months ago+331

    Twins with two different hand dominances
    just like me and my sister. pretty cool.

  • francesca sciarrino
    francesca sciarrino 2 months ago+280

    Kids: bye! ALACAZAM
    Kids: OMG where did they go?! Thats impossible!

  • Eva Lu
    Eva Lu 1 months ago+34

    Alix: worried about making her “giant” chicken nugget
    Alvin: Am I a JoKe To YoU?

  • thefabulousnarwhal
    thefabulousnarwhal 2 months ago+198

    I was drawing and half watching mostly listening, so when she started squeezing the bbq sauce bottle I died😂😂😂😂

  • Fini L
    Fini L 2 months ago+72

    Personality- and voice-wise, this is Pearl and Amethyst from Steven universes cooking

  • Walidwafeek
    Walidwafeek 2 months ago+82

    Alex: That wizardry... Am I right???
    Me: Sksksksks hell ya

  • Oblivion Bush
    Oblivion Bush 4 months ago+97

    Alix is the best part of this

  • ca agency
    ca agency 8 months ago+4211

    This should be a show on Netflix

  • Skye Terrigan
    Skye Terrigan 2 months ago+119

    I swear Alix are the best! Her laugh are contagious

  • SpookyBlue5 Gamer
    SpookyBlue5 Gamer 2 months ago+48

    Alix: I Am Going To Put The BBQ Sauce In a Bottle.
    Noise: Plop Bob FART.
    Alix: 0-0
    Everyone: Laughing

  • Baruux
    Baruux 2 months ago+22

    I literally always loved broccoli, my parents never forced me to eat it. Up to date it's my favourite vegetable ❤️