How To Build A Rollback Can

  • Published on:  2/10/2019
  • Get my favorite brain food delivered to your door! Feynman on rubber bands: PO Box: PO Box 33168 L.A. CA 90033***CREDITS***Hosted byMichael StevensEdited byHannah Canetti( byEric Langlay( by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork(***VSAUCE LINKS***Vsauce1:


    BRNKoINSANITY 6 months ago+6905

    I feel like this entire series is Micheal slowly going insane while everyone thinks it is a joke

  • SirEEf
    SirEEf 5 months ago+992

    So no one´s gonna talk about him baking things in a dishwasher (look at the background 0:03)

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC 5 months ago+506

    Something that keeps coming to mind when I watch these more recent videos is that Michael is actually a really funny comedian.

  • Suzanne Stanecki
    Suzanne Stanecki 2 months ago+307

    "Dong oats love you and I love you."
    ~Michael Stevens 2019

  • Jonathan Mackay
    Jonathan Mackay 1 months ago+76

    "Learning never hurts"
    Madam Curie has left the chat
    (Edit: typo)

  • Ptatum
    Ptatum 6 months ago+4578

    At this point we’re just watching Micheal slowly descend into insanity

  • Stephen Jackson
    Stephen Jackson 5 months ago+315

    Did anyone else like watching vsauce before it was a meme

  • maximusprime98
    maximusprime98 5 months ago+132

    I think idubbbz was a bad influence on mikey

  • NickW275
    NickW275 6 months ago+193

    14:00 is when I'm genuinely concerned

  • Skyhacker 2015
    Skyhacker 2015 2 months ago+44

    Michael is an absolute gem and Must be protected at all costs

  • Chubbyemu
    Chubbyemu 6 months ago+3765

    A Man Found Pennies In His Avocado. This Is What Happened To His Dong Oats.

  • Isaiah Sugar
    Isaiah Sugar 6 months ago+76

    "Make sure to microwave pennies on high for zero seconds"
    Michael I love your content.

  • Thomas Galland
    Thomas Galland 5 months ago+67

    Me: Cuts open an avocado
    Somewhere in the Distance: I sMeLl PeNnIeS

  • Emeneld Ray Rolando
    Emeneld Ray Rolando 2 months ago+78

    Now I'm worried of Michael's mental health. Is it because of his genius mind?

  • Juan Hidalgo
    Juan Hidalgo 5 months ago+81

    I came here to find out more about the salted pencil.

  • Human Person
    Human Person 6 months ago+2313

    he truly Is a living meme.

  • Natahn Dolar
    Natahn Dolar 5 months ago+117

    There’s a reason why Michael hasn’t been uploading to his main channel recently, it’s because with every Mind Field video he goes more and more insane.
    Mind Field was originally made as a way to make more people get YouTube Red so YouTube could make more money. They made a deal with the owner of the popular YouTube channel “Vsause”, Michael Stevens and made it so he would get 50% of the income from YouTube Red.
    The first episode involved Michael staying in a isolation chamber for three days to study the effects of isolation on the human mind. During this experiment, however, Michael slowly descended into madness. He started rambling to himself and starting to forget basic things like the alphabet. After finally escaping that chamber he just wasn’t the same. He experienced irreversible brain damage which changed his life forever.
    After that episode the following episodes would involve Michael doing even crazier things like doing drugs in the jungle to getting high off space. With the money YouTube had made from the series they bought the Vsause YouTube channel forcing him to post nothing but mind field content.
    He tried to escape the madness by making a second channel called “DONG” where he could finally upload his own content again without the influence of YouTube. But his fans could notice a noticeable decrease in quality as he slowly went further and further into his insanity. Michael would upload videos like “Squaring a Doughnut” where it seemed that he would just choose the most random things to make a video on.
    At the point he’s at it may be impossible to reverse his insanity and bring him back to normal.

  • The ramble man
    The ramble man 6 months ago+21

    6:52 i guess im not the only one who gets money in vegetables and fruit

  • Harsh Raj Always free
    Harsh Raj Always free 2 months ago+41

    30secs of knowledge 13 minutes of insanity
    Just the perfect proportion

  • Anonimous
    Anonimous 3 months ago+18

    Why does everyone think that he’s going insane!?
    He just now has H U M O R