Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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  • Tony (Jan 11, 2019)

    In Soviet Russia car drives you.

  • Avadhoot Kabadi (May 14, 2019)

    How much fast it can go without a driverDoes ,for safety, it run slow in real time traffic???

  • Akash Kumar (May 13, 2019)

    Read that in Crazy Russian Hacker Accent.

  • President Donald J Trump (Apr 23, 2019)

    Steal the car and it will self-drive to the nearest police station.

  • Marcelino Abou-Haidar (5 days ago)

    Anything that has tech has the potential of being hacked. So, in real life this is more dangerous than driving a normal car with less tech.

  • Sir Eminence (Jan 22, 2019)

    2050 Dad: “back in my days people drove these things”Kids: “we get it dad!!”

  • StraiyEU (May 13, 2019)

    +Blendtuts-ES tbh its ok, when it drives by itself as long as i got my own and can do whatever i want with it..

  • Blendtuts-ES (May 13, 2019)

    +StraiyEU Check the "Tesla Autonomous day" talk. Cars will be able to drive nearly anywhere in 1/2 years, the only "roadblock" (pun intended) is legislation - that will definitelly take a few more years. It's expected that self-driving vehicles will be commonplace in 10/15 years. I guess you'll still be able to drive your own car for much longer, though, if you so desire.

  • VPE - V Plays Everything (Jan 23, 2019)

    In mother Russia, the car drives you.

  • Feng (May 13, 2019)

    id trust it more than russian drivers for sure

  • Kona Abhi (Apr 24, 2019)

    This brinhs a whole new meaning to the word "car mechanic" since in mother russia since cars drive you they must fix you aswell.

  • 8D music (Jan 24, 2019)

    *When you can't get a driving license.*

  • Adele (May 8, 2019)

    when you DONT need a drivers license

  • Cameron Garrison (Apr 30, 2019)

    Spongebob Squarepants could use one

  • every thing (Jan 11, 2019)

    Fake taxi might feature this

  • Gregory Crawford (May 11, 2019)

    Lmao this is old but there was a pornhub vid in a model 3 on autopilot

  • Adele (May 8, 2019)

    +MultiDell90 i think it maybe banned in india

  • VideoHub (Jan 25, 2019)

    Self driving taxi there goes jobs1.9K taxi drivers has disliked this video

  • calyn cutler (4 days ago)

    Planes can drive themselves but we still got pilots. Same goes for taxi drivers. Just makes their job easier.

  • Xinbiel (May 8, 2019)

    There will be people that would prefer a real person driving.

  • jackt0wn_cam (Jan 22, 2019)

    Remember this prank "Ghost drive's car"Me 8 years later "no no it's normal "

  • Kirill Ovchinnikov (Apr 6, 2019)

    Me 8 years later: - "I saw a HUMAN driving a car!" -"Really?! That's impossible!"

  • Nameless (Feb 27, 2019)

    That's from future

  • Igor (Mar 22, 2019)

    А вы тоже зашли на видос только из за надписи Yandex на руле?

  • Lev B. (May 11, 2019)

    слава украине

  • kazakh mustang (May 8, 2019)


  • Jeffrey Magbag (Jan 27, 2019)

    Uber killed taxis. And now new tech is gonna kill Uber

  • Jeffrey Magbag in Russia Yandex already killed Uber

  • roachtoasties (2 days ago)

    I think Uber looks at drivers as a temporary, and unnecessary, costs. They see driverless technology as their future. Still, I wouldn't trust it. You need a driver alert and ready to take over, just in case.