15-Year-Old Survives After Knife Gets Lodged in His Brain

  • Published on:  6/17/2019
  • A teen survives after he was accidentally impaled through the face by a 10-inch knife. Eli Gregg was playing outside with some other kids while his mom, Jimmy Russell, was inside cooking dinner at their Kansas home. She heard a scream and when she saw Eli, "it was blood and he had a piece of metal in his face," Russell said. Doctors were able to remove the knife and Eli is now miraculously on the mend. InsideEdition.com's Leigh Scheps has more.


  • ALLXN _ΣCM 29 days ago

    Question: How the hell does it *accidentally* go that deep into his skull.

  • ou1z yesterday

    greencatz 45 theres plenty of time actually

  • greencatz 45 21 days ago


  • Caroline Pena 29 days ago

    Kid *has knife in his skull*Mom: " I have no idea how it happened" wtf ??Edit: For those of you still reading this comment thread, this is what happened according to the boy:[ It= the knife] "It didn't belong to the family. They found it, it sounds like, outside in the grass, about 10 inches long," he said. "My understanding is, Eli wanted to take it away from the younger kids for protection, and in that transition, there was a trip and a fall, and it was in the hand of...

  • call me Kelsey 14 days ago

    Thx for the link it had interesting stuff on it

  • Jacob McCloskey 22 days ago

    Hold up - did you really just use CNN as a source????

  • WeirdrexShow. 29 days ago

    Dear God...This man is like the *Deadpool**Hope he's fine after that.*

  • Huber Garcia 26 days ago


  • Wildlife Lover123 27 days ago


  • Oh my God the knife was literally touching his artery even another hair of it going in he would probably be dead. That is so crazy

  • Flux Wolf 28 days ago

    Knives don’t have hair..... duuuuhhhhh

  • Anthony Guarino 29 days ago

    The teen learns a deadly lesson: never play with a dangerous long 10-inch knife. That was extremely close to death. I’m very glad he’s alive or Jesus Christ would have a serious talk about why would he play with a knife!

  • Kait Shep 29 days ago

    So glad he’s alive. Great job to all the doctors! 💕

  • shrek is nice 29 days ago

    this is kind of annoying. sure I believe there is a god but it was the doctors like that’s the reality. if the doctors weren’t there he probably wouldn’t have lived.

  • I am deceased 29 days ago

    @doggy lady god is dead at this point

  • Christian Bernal 29 days ago

    How do you “accidentally” get a knife in your face.

  • Susan Hughan 25 days ago

    Myka Agreed ~ I do wish he would’ve told the Dr’s how it happened, so I wouldn’t be thinking all day about How it went in so deep 🤦‍♀️

  • Gage Taylor 27 days ago

    @Myka I just took the ending of your last comment the wrong way.

  • Gabriella Green 29 days ago

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  • Wendy’s 23 days ago

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  • Black Knight 413 23 days ago

    @Daniela _playz yes, as I said, 12 is the minimum age for youtube

  • Hydrox_8 29 days ago

    How do you accidentally do that...

  • Hydrox_8 28 days ago

    @Zelda Williams yeah it's just so far in his head it seems like it wasn't accidental. But ik he didnt mean to

  • Zelda Williams 28 days ago

    he was probably horsing around doing knife flips just like plastic, water, bottle flips!? But much more dangerous, yikes! 👀 I don't believe the mother, she knows? 🤔

  • Jorden Chambliss 29 days ago

    “It accidentally went deep into his skull”Mom: *“yEaH i dOn’T kNoW wHaT hAppEnEd, bUt iT wAs sCaRy”*

  • O_o 27 days ago

    Jorden Chambliss the boy tripped and fell onto the knife, the mother was not around. no need for the sarcasm lol

  • Melethically! 29 days ago

    I saw this on Fox News, this is crazy!!! So glad he’s alive! Blessings to his family ❤️😧

  • King.K The Best 28 days ago

    Fox news?! That's a big ooof Bois.

  • Honda_civicguy56 29 days ago

    Gabriel Prado animates Mmm cnn