Updated: Machine Gun Kelly, Ninja Makes History, Youtube Changes, Kavanaugh Delayed, & Trump



  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  2 months ago+1346

    Let's just... well, you know how it goes. Or maybe you don't. But you definitely should. Just saying. <3
    Machine Gun Kelly/Eminem: (00:06), Stormy Daniels/Trump (2:47), YouTube/Gaming News (3:31), TIA (6:16), Kavanaugh Update (7:42), Florence Update (10:55)

  • Hogan McCale
    Hogan McCale 1 months ago

    Also if you follow phil on twitter you'll be notified on when he posts on youtube!

  • Tabitha Dearth
    Tabitha Dearth 1 months ago

    I'm totally on Team Eminem!

  • Puggles
    Puggles 1 months ago

    "Professional gaming"

  • Adhunik Manav
    Adhunik Manav 1 months ago

    Streming on youtube and watching live streams on youtube is so much batter than Twitch. Like League of Legends world's is going on and I tried watching it online on twitch but my stream was so much stuttering at 1080p60fps. Then I started watching the same stream on Youtube and 1080p60fps was streaming so goddamn smoothly.

  • Light at the Bottom of the Lake

    I am not a social person so even when watching a gaming livestream I treat it much like a youtube video just one that can't be paused. I totally understand the draw for the live and in real time but it does not appeal to me personally. I prefer youtube because it tends to be higher quality in my opinion. The people I watch are good editors I want to see the final product. If I end up watching something on twitch that later gets turned in a youtube video I would rather have just watched the youtube video.

  • Anamnesia
    Anamnesia 1 months ago+1

    *Ninja* only made it to the ESPN cover because he died of *_LIGMA_* ... 🤒

  • Kayla Thompson
    Kayla Thompson 2 months ago

    Lol the picture put up of Eminem is like "Why?"

  • Mistaboyboy
    Mistaboyboy 2 months ago

    this guys eyeballs are fucking ginormous he looks like he came out of anime

  • Calebbb
    Calebbb 2 months ago

    Phat L*

  • SmilingIpad
    SmilingIpad 2 months ago+1

    How has your channel lasted so long?

  • TeslaDan5
    TeslaDan5 2 months ago

    Fortnite sucks, it's only big because of Hype. It's hitbox sucks even more.

  • Taronia Gamenstein
    Taronia Gamenstein 2 months ago

    Regarding the video game platform dilemma, I choose to watch YouTube content because it's convenient enough for me to come back to a big backlog of videos to wind down to after being busy with work, or working on my own videos or projects, much like how I'm just now watching this video lol
    Twitch is fantastic in regards to the audience interactivity, as well as video stream performance in general, however out of the two services as a viewer, I'm sticking with YouTube for now, especially since I can keep up with multiple channels at once whereas on Twitch, I may end up following a chain of streams via stream hosting and losing track of time as a result.

  • Loveisinportant
    Loveisinportant 2 months ago

    I didn't know Ninja competed in tournaments and made his living from gaming... I thought he made money from streaming.

  • wallerdog
    wallerdog 2 months ago

    Damnit! I've been busy so I've had to hold off on your news until today. I'm conflicted between YouTube and Twitch. I have a YouTube following for a mobile game I play and a Twitch following for a PC game I play. Only a few strong supporters will watch me on both platforms so I end up splitting my time and effort on both.

  • Diana Hunted
    Diana Hunted 2 months ago

    Damn you Philly D. I just went to your SLotD from Sep 18 and now I have THE WORST ear worm...😀🎸🎼Ahhh

  • SparksFromFireworks
    SparksFromFireworks 2 months ago

    I watch YouTube because I honestly don't have the time to watch hours of live content, especially being Australian. I can't afford to watch hours at ridiculous hours of morning with a job and life.

  • Jeremy Gaebel
    Jeremy Gaebel 2 months ago

    Eminem sucks

  • SH18
    SH18 2 months ago

    I was watching youtube highlights for many months of many different video games, never watched live streams on youtube just videos, but then once I changed to twitch and seen and was able to chat with live gamers and other gamers watching, I mainly watch all my gaming 80% of it now on twitch, and i'll sometimes catch some game updates/news and a few game montage/highlights once in a while per month via youtube.

  • Xenre Lavague
    Xenre Lavague 2 months ago

    Ninja openly states that he refuses to have female gamers on his streams.
    Feminists and crybullies pour outrage and hate toward him. Threaten to boycott his streams.
    Ninja appears on the cover of ESPN magazine.
    Well played, Feminists. Well played.