• ImJayStation 6 months ago

    OMG!!! JAY HILLS!!!

  • big lancer 22 days ago

    Homophobic idiot

  • Lolita Ovalle 26 days ago


  • Amazon Alexa 1 months ago

    'theres nothing wrong with being gay'*proceeds to depict gay people as hyperfeminine crossdessers who have zero standards*n i c e .

  • daisy jucha 11 hours ago

    @Rodney Crews SHUT THE FUCK UP people can kiss who they want to so keep your stupid nouth shut

  • daisy jucha 11 hours ago

    @MM03 so makeing homophobic refrences all throught the video is "a joke"

  • Gasket 1 months ago

    YouTube takes down entire channels for no reason but recommends and monetizes literal homophobia.

  • you clown 11 hours ago

    @Malik Shermen jay station should have his channel taken down

  • Malik Shermen 5 days ago

    go die in a fire lmao he just didnt want to be fucked ok you probably be built like squidward with your flappy under arms

  • AmAliA V 1 months ago

    Are you kidding me?? This is so homophobic. Even went far enough to confuse women stereotypes with gay stereotypes but hey what’s the difference? I’m so disgusted lmao CHILDREN watch this smh. Come on dude it’s not let I expected anything better from you but I sure didn’t expect this.

  • ¿Cocoa Marbles? 26 days ago

    They didnt confuse them, they just ran out of gay stereotypes. Nonetheless they're still scumbags.

  • Quickity Quackity 1 months ago

    Jaystation you are a sorry excuse of a human being.

  • john . 3 hours ago

    @The Unlucky Gamer let's be honest your In your moms basement playing minecraft right now no job no house your a useless man you sleep on a couch your a useless man

  • john . 7 hours ago

    @The Unlucky Gamer dont swear you are only 5

  • Galaxy guy 4 months ago

    Order the bleach potion and drink it

  • MM03 yesterday


  • Fantom_name 6 days ago

    Galaxy guy yes please

  • Swooty 1 months ago

    NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY GUYSThen has an extreme gay stereotype

  • you clown 11 hours ago

    @King K well you fuck off then . you shouldn't be a homophobe

  • King Jojo 13 hours ago

    Its okay to be gay I'm just not cool with gay people like that

  • Lavender06 1 months ago

    Yeah, because gays speak in a high-pitched voice and sexually assault other men. Very cool./sThe saddest part is that it's targeted towards children.

  • gamerboy 420 2 days ago

    @wakeupandsmelltherain Yeah you tell him. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • The Unlucky Gamer 3 days ago

    Abigail Pritchard that is why no one loves you and hopes you die scum of the Earth

  • Loretta Boutot 1 months ago

    You honestly have to be extremely narcissistic to believe every gay man will fall in love with you, but sadly every homophobe is.

  • Lol Lol 25 days ago

    sœur belle I don’t think dogs would like him XD

  • sœur belle 1 months ago

    I can't see how any women would fall in love with him, for that matter.

  • heather joy! 1 months ago

    this isn’t entertainment, it’s homophobia. please remove yourself from the internet :)

  • Yung Kare 6 hours ago

    Being gay is f*ing gross as hell