ROBLOX but I make fun of NOOBS for being NOOBS!!!!!!!!!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • today I say hey what a wonderful day and i pay yay to say play in may! roblox ware is a fun game! i do! yes! I do play it sir! Ohh I moo


  • BEGO TUBE 5 months ago

    Only true fans remember “Its Mountain Dew”

  • blitz winger 2 days ago

    if you crash into that mountain dew i will kill you RAHHHHHH

  • Levi Kemp 2 days ago

    nah true fans will remember were getting crazy

  • tony the tiger 6 months ago

    11:50 sounds like a chihuahua barking lmaoo

  • torta epres 9 days ago


  • TheSunnyDFan Owo 23 days ago

    A add

  • caramel Apple 5 months ago

    Game: is the year 2014?Albert: *NO*Also Albert: *Wait is it?*

  • CALIL BLAKE 2 days ago

    me infront of albert fan:curse word then they report me :c 1 like = 1 less curse word

  • De Juan Washington 27 days ago


  • YellowGame Controler 1 months ago

    Poke:*admin commands*Fans:Poke is the only admin in Life in Paradise.Albert:*Exists*

  • Anaïs Velia 9 months ago

    Like= think Albert is hilariousCmon guys take it to 1k likes we can do it 💪💪💪

  • Duo 1 months ago

    Roblox Adventures_ With-Nicole stop begging for likes we can do it 💪💪💪

  • Ur mom Gey 2 months ago

    ( *if* you think Albert is hilarious) and also you just want likes you don't actually care if people think Albert is hilarious or not.

  • Liam Pulles 19 days ago

    1:11Albert: Do u like Roblox more then ur * BURP * *PARENTS!?!*Me: *yes*

  • Zizi Gacha 5 days ago

    I just but0rr so l0oud my ph0o55 sh0k3

  • OmeiPlayZ ツ 15 days ago

    Liam Pulles no good

  • Michael Brian 3 months ago

    Wait... the spike wall with the frying pans that knock people around. My god.

  • Blue 0wl an hour ago

    i love the part where he started screaming and his editor put a fnaf face xD lolll

  • Yux Yux 3 months ago

    Yes I love Roblox then my parents

  • Alex Esquivel 22 days ago

    Your spelling is so bad

  • Gacha_Damien Owo 2 months ago

    I lost every braincell trying to read this-

  • sonicslender 980 4 days ago

    odd story i did Break my ARM when i played football XDi hate life ;-;