ROBLOX but I make fun of NOOBS for being NOOBS!!!!!!!!!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • today I say hey what a wonderful day and i pay yay to say play in may! roblox ware is a fun game! i do! yes! I do play it sir! Ohh I moo


  • Anaïs Velia
    Anaïs Velia 11 months ago+1005

    Like= think Albert is hilarious
    Cmon guys take it to 1k likes we can do it 💪💪💪

    BEGO TUBE 7 months ago+531

    Only true fans remember “Its Mountain Dew”

  • tony the tiger
    tony the tiger 8 months ago+309

    11:50 sounds like a chihuahua barking lmaoo

  • Acid Appleジ
    Acid Appleジ 7 months ago+156

    Game: is the year 2014?
    Albert: NO
    Also Albert: Wait is it?

  • Duck
    Duck 17 hours ago+1

    The gamemode you played was from Tf2/Team fortress 2. Its called "Tf2 Ware"

  • YellowGame Controler
    YellowGame Controler 3 months ago+43

    Poke:*admin commands*
    Fans:Poke is the only admin in Life in Paradise.

  • Chocolate Berry
    Chocolate Berry 1 months ago+19

    1:19 - I will translate for you non-epic gamers out there. He said "I WANT TO DIE LIKE MARLEY FROM MARLEY AND ME GRRRRR!!!".
    One like = one therapy session

  • {•Gacha Leaf•}
    {•Gacha Leaf•} 2 months ago+15

    *heavy breathing* GET NOOB

  • Ashley Morson
    Ashley Morson yesterday

    ACK PO i spit on my keyboard fn,jafnjh

  • JudeTheDudeAbides
    JudeTheDudeAbides 11 months ago+207

    4:55 how has Albert not realized you only trip when you step on Black😂

  • Suspicious Cheerio
    Suspicious Cheerio 5 months ago+15

    No girls allowed?
    changes roblox profile gender

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian 5 months ago+20

    Wait... the spike wall with the frying pans that knock people around. My god.

  • DotzAbOt
    DotzAbOt 2 months ago+4

    aAppLes AAAapLes AAAAAAAAPLES and OrangEs

  • edmundo basallote

    theres a game in roblox called noob smackers

  • retro rainbow
    retro rainbow 11 months ago+166

    no views and 26 likes?
    seems legit.

  • Aria Playz!
    Aria Playz! 5 months ago+31

    0:10 WOW! ROOOOOD!!!! I JUST GOT HERE! :C (thank you for the 3 likes.)

  • Elijah Shipp
    Elijah Shipp 5 months ago+5

    4:59 bc you are touchig the black blocks

  • Liam Pulles
    Liam Pulles 2 months ago+28

    Albert: Do u like Roblox more then ur * BURP * PARENTS!?!
    Me: yes

  • Jim Pickens is my dad
    Jim Pickens is my dad 5 months ago+12

    3:48 Albert you have won something
    My heart
    No homo

  • yheet
    yheet 10 months ago+953

    👚this is carolita
    🧦carolita is 99999999999999999999 years old
    1 like = nothing happens :D