Rachel Riley's Compliment For Jon Richardson COMPLETLEY BACKFIRES! | Jon Best S13 | 8 Out of 10 Cats



  • E4
    E4  a years ago+160

    What was your favourite moment of Jon's?! https://goo.gl/UcxoyE

  • Sir Trollsalot
    Sir Trollsalot a years ago+2783

    Jon is definitely one of my top comedians. Impossibly likeable and tragically relatable.

  • AsianGamer Kenji
    AsianGamer Kenji a years ago+1726

    It’s like Jon only plays Dark Souls

  • akira doe
    akira doe 7 months ago+427

    Jon: "I'm a shagger, i think that's obvious." An incredulous Jimmy: "Have you forgotten who you are?"

  • Ulquiorra4sama
    Ulquiorra4sama a years ago+833

    "There's not a level where it's like 'Level 1: Get some breakfast"
    Clearly Jon's never played Heavy Rain.

  • Slap Of Reality
    Slap Of Reality a years ago+1335

    God I freakin love, Jon Richardson! He's hilarious! Just in search of laughs, I have watched countless videos of him here on Youtube. He's an amazing comedian and I love his personality and his witty sense of humor.

  • DAN
    DAN a years ago+465

    Pro tip for life: to find the title clip on an E4 video, skip to the last 60 seconds.

  • Figureight
    Figureight a years ago+662

    9:09 Rob Beckett looks like he's been pulled through a hedge backwards.

  • tishtash321
    tishtash321 a years ago+845

    Rachael is so beautiful though 😍

  • Inti Amaterasu
    Inti Amaterasu a years ago+987

    i never understood why jon and rachel never hooked up... the sexual tension is killing me

  • Drummeruk
    Drummeruk a years ago+217

    Jon and Karl Pilkington should get together and make the world happily depressed

  • Swagimaruu Studios
    Swagimaruu Studios a years ago+239

    The man is strangely attractive..

  • katzrantz
    katzrantz a years ago+109

    People don't make their own bread anymore.

  • CrumblyHumble
    CrumblyHumble a years ago+71

    To be fair, even as part of the joke, I'd still fumble to say "You're a very beautiful lady" to Rachel also.

  • Sandwich Breath
    Sandwich Breath a years ago+269

    I thought the Sash joke was class.

  • Donn OMarr
    Donn OMarr 10 months ago+80

    6:20-6:49 had me laughing seriously loud, prof kicked me out 🤣🤣 for once jimmy made me genuinely laugh with his “ can someone get Jon a new hamstring “ 😂😂😂😂😂

  • reva farley
    reva farley a years ago+107

    He is so adorable. He is my favorite British comedian. Every moment is my favorite.💜

  • ej1elliot
    ej1elliot a years ago+260

    Compliment at 10:18 - you're welcome ;)

  • jillhbaudhaan
    jillhbaudhaan a years ago+127

    Just genius, great compilation that's actually laugh out loud funny

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother a years ago+174

    every time i see jon and rachel interact, there is a lot of sexual tension there.