Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Twizzlers | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit



  • Mary Christbitch 7 months ago

    I stg this is The Office except everyone's a chef

  • I'm your 4,800th like

  • mhm 3 days ago


  • Jimmer Seiber 6 months ago

    if brad and Claire don't get their own show together I'll be so upset

  • Shmaples 12 minutes ago

    @Walla Ned A grown man and woman can 't have a fun time together without it being "flirting"?? They giggle at each other a lot but there has never been anything romantic between them on camera.. Brad seems like he's just naturally a light-hearted jokester so he probably makes all the ladies laugh. Claire also giggles a lot when she's in a good mood even with other women.. It's not necessarily a "flirty" thing.. They just seem like good friends who both pick on and enjoy one another...

  • Madison Falco 2 months ago

    I need this so much

  • Jim Fortune 5 months ago

    The flavor is red.

  • It tastes like blue, is red and smells like purple. The texture is 69, but it's just like 5

  • The flavor depends on color.Red-RedBlue-BlueGreen-GreenBlack-blackOrange-orangeOther flavors-depends on color.

  • Toe 3 months ago

    "Hey brad," My favorite part of every video.

  • RupertTheRock 7 months ago

    This is gonna sound weird, but I love the grey stripe in her hair

  • Brad Miller 9 days ago

    @Jay Z men too. I'm all for that look, in general.

  • Jay Z 9 days ago

    Something about women with a little grey in their hair looks really nice / attractive...

  • Maddy Gowers 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t like Twizzlers? They taste like candle wax. I wonder if I would prefer these gourmet ones as they seem to have much more of a fruit flavour.

  • Panda Playz 13 hours ago

    Maddy Gowers they taste like what I imagine those chewy dog treats tastes like

  • Daniel Zumbusch an hour ago

    Truly the worst candy I have ever had. I love fruity gummy candy and I hate Twizzlers. I have been confused as to how they still exist but apparently people actually love them. Must have broken taste buds..

  • The Matadore 1 months ago

    “What are you doiiiiiiinng...??” “Don’t touch iiiiiiiiiiit..” Claire is our lovely control freak.

  • John Gottschalk 3 months ago

    It's so heartwarming actually to watch someone struggle, push past problems and then be satisfied at some point

  • Pavel Planzo 8 months ago

    Claire and Brad are like that couple that isn't a couple but they know people think they are a couple

  • D J 19 days ago

    @Joshua Michael where are you working??😂😂💀

  • D J 19 days ago


  • Kailey Devlan 6 months ago

    I have no idea if Claire is 25 or 45 and I’m kind of into it. She is an incredible chef and she is super smart about food and ingredients!

  • Ghost_ Ayden 1 months ago

    toshi amiyumi so she’s 33

  • Ghost_ Ayden 1 months ago

    toshi amiyumi no she was born in 86