$2 PHO vs $100 PHO - Northern VS Southern Pho! (Có phụ đề Tiếng Việt)

  • Published on:  10/26/2017
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  • Kenny Huu
    Kenny Huu a years ago+1849

    có người VN xem video ko😂😂

  • Joseph Reusi
    Joseph Reusi 3 months ago+205

    Im hungry now and want Pho. Smh. I have to stop watching these shows late

  • Snagger M2D Manuel
    Snagger M2D Manuel 6 months ago+549

    Ahhh the non idiotic logan Paul

  • Terri Ellis
    Terri Ellis 3 months ago+149

    "Shut up! We're doing a crunch test!" - Horn immediately stops.

  • Ice Maker
    Ice Maker 7 months ago+377

    Rule #1...
    Never dip your chopsticks in another man's bowl.

  • Pauley Tee
    Pauley Tee a years ago+1025


  • SpywareSmith
    SpywareSmith 5 days ago+3

    try both phos and which ever you like that'll be the best regardless of the price and where is made.

  • cogito
    cogito 1 months ago+47

    In Asia for 2.20$ : a soup, a basket of herbs, a bowl full of lime, a bowl of sprouts.
    In North America for 2.20$. : maybe one kind of herb... If they made a deal.

  • HappyHippo
    HappyHippo 1 months ago+7

    Everytime I go to meet my family in vietnam I’ve had phó
    It’ll forever be my fav dish. I crave it rn honestly.

  • Deborah Martin
    Deborah Martin 1 months ago+8

    Reminds me of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. Ha!

  • Phiology
    Phiology a years ago+953

    My mom makes the best Pho at home and it's free

  • Angela Vo
    Angela Vo 12 hours ago

    Ngo om = rice paddy herb. In OC, there’s only 1 pho restaurant that serves this herb, Phoholic. I go there just because of the rice paddy herb! So good!!

  • RedPanda Gxcha
    RedPanda Gxcha 12 hours ago

    Can I just give a shoutout to pho king? They might not be real but they are pretty good. It's in Wisconsin

  • Elskrat88
    Elskrat88 18 hours ago

    Dude your are livin your life so sweet I've watch a few vids now and I love your humor and enthusiasm keep on keeping on

  • krillon203
    krillon203 3 months ago+35

    Just thinking hmm I need to start learning how to cook pho then I'll be able to eat every day or night for the rest of my life😂😂😂

    FILIKU 2 months ago+3

    that was tight. Like a taller Andrew Zimmern. Thanks for sharing

  • Vu Tien Dung
    Vu Tien Dung yesterday

    Stop moaning when you eat! It is 10PM now and you make me hungry again.

  • octoflux
    octoflux yesterday

    7:53 an ant in the noodle lol 😙

  • Mai Giza
    Mai Giza 7 months ago+7

    I love Vietnam 😍😍😍😍
    I love Vietnam food 👌👌👌
    Thanks for your Great Video ❤❤💗💗💋💋💋👄