How to Avoid Taking a Test | Lele Pons

  • Published on:  12/14/2018
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  • Maya Tien
    Maya Tien 3 months ago+1102

    “I’m ok, thank u” I wish I that worked in real life!

  • Joyce Vaughan
    Joyce Vaughan 3 months ago+444

    2:02 when you walk out of the movie theater

    SMUKUM SNUKUM 2 months ago+391

    Teacher: what shape is the EARTH!!! Everyone showed him that its round
    Adam: its rectangle

  • Mini Summer time
    Mini Summer time 3 months ago+293

    Adams test

  • jAmIn cRaCks
    jAmIn cRaCks 4 months ago+870

    3:28 Did Adam just run into a school table? omg😂

  • هيا محسن
    هيا محسن 2 months ago+337

    1:51 me when I see the first question of my exam

  • Calastris
    Calastris 3 months ago+84

    2:03 me when I turn on my phone in the middle of the night

  • Emma F
    Emma F 2 months ago+165

    2:08 Literally my class whenever someone decides to pull up the blinds.

  • hoola Buddy
    hoola Buddy 3 months ago+172

    At 2:12 the guy was dabbing 😂

  • megan _h
    megan _h 5 months ago+2201

    Teacher: passes out tests
    Twan: No, I'm okay, thanks

  • farhana Mira
    farhana Mira 2 months ago+41

    2:12 me after watching anime for 6 hour then my mom comes and opens the curtain

  • - 3-
    - 3- 2 months ago+278

    2:02 I feel there is a Bird Box theme there

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough 2 months ago+104

    when Twan screamed he sounded like a girl🤣🤣🤣

  • GachaWolfy_101
    GachaWolfy_101 4 months ago+28

    1:51 when it’s the first day of school and every Monday

  • Gabrielle Brown
    Gabrielle Brown 3 months ago+84

    I rather take the damn test than talk about my feelings obviously 🙄

  • Swirling Fizz
    Swirling Fizz 1 months ago+70

    1:51when you wake up and your phone is almost dead and you have school 😆 and 2:02 ¥~¥ when you wake up and see your phones at full brightness

  • Brooklyn Animates
    Brooklyn Animates 3 months ago+194

    1:51 is me when I see a bug i don't know about.

  • Woolies Thu Le
    Woolies Thu Le 2 months ago+36

    me when someone open’s the curtains when I’m sleeping

  • XxX Wild _ Soul XxX
    XxX Wild _ Soul XxX 4 months ago+316

    Teacher: has test in hand in front of Twan
    Twan: no I’m ok...

  • #Found Francis
    #Found Francis 2 months ago+12

    wait, when Adam “tried” to answer the test question, did anyone remember the round/flat earth debate?