Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • A Prisilia 5 months ago

    Watching this, make me wants to have friends

  • Poopy Lasagna 2 days ago

    bella b woahhhh same profile pic

  • bella b 2 days ago

    me too :(

  • priscila :p 3 months ago

    zach : what was ghostin aboutariana : no

  • ernie isaiah 12 days ago

    Prophet New York because scooter forced her to put it on the album

  • Brandy Martin 12 days ago

    @Prophet New York I think it's because it's about Pete being upset that even though she was with him she was still in love with Mac.

  • IAmJustJack 4 months ago

    Omg Ari's voice is ASMR material fr

  • VividlyEmblazoned 12 days ago

    Victoria monets is better imo

  • Amber 17 days ago


  • Briana Hernandez 2 months ago

    so we not gonna talk about how ari and victoria sound exactly.... the same ??

  • Kookie_bby💖 17 days ago

    Right 😂💀

  • almighty megs 4 months ago

    Legit, she is a gift to the world.

  • @ME ! periodt

  • @KellarJS yes you are

  • Danika Padin 5 months ago

    This guy does the best interviews...

  • Devon Archer 3 days ago

    Such a nice dude is Zach Sang

  • Zed Drift 6 days ago

    Adam from no jumper

  • Jaskaran Khurana 4 months ago

    Ariana Grande: When I win a Grammy one day...In literally 2 days: Wins Grammy and gets hate for it😂

  • Sarai Wynn 13 days ago

    1,200th like❤

  • aegonerys 23 days ago

    @Noemi Moreno Vaca they're prolly like one of those really intelligent people who know the ugly truth about her

  • Gabby Gershom Bassey 3 months ago

    Imagine being Ari :You feel the guilt of people that died in YOUR concert.You feel the guilt of your Ex boyfriends death.You have billions of people that are your fans but only 10 that you trust. You feel that you have to meet up to people’s standards of expectations .You have most of your truth broadcasted to the whole world so everyone can judge you .

  • Pathetic 13 days ago

    Save for maybe the first two tjings depending on the person, that's the life of most celebrities and the life she chose. If she's tired of it she can go into hiding like some celebrities do

  • Simply Vero 13 days ago

    Shanice Grande because that’s a monthly payment you don’t need

  • Caoimhe Keane 4 months ago

    1:13:07 the universe has a plan, sometimes it’s a really fucking gnarly plan, *but nonetheless it still has a plan* ✨☁️

  • Ella Mincey 9 days ago

    o sxperstxr that’s so beautiful 🖤

  • o sxperstxr 9 days ago

    @Ella Minceygod, universe everyone sees it differently. for me its energy and us ♥

  • Diana Karakasidi 4 months ago

    Now I can see how Ariana and Pete got along. They are soo similar. Both awkward, have anxiety, depression and a dark sense of humor and curse alot haha

  • Pink 14 days ago

    @Solidsilenceful That's not every millennial, that's how every millennial pretends to be online.

  • hi stfu 18 days ago

    nah that’s not it