I tried living on Mars — in Hawaii



  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+23

    What would be the most challenging part of being on a Mars simulation?

  • Dysentique
    Dysentique a years ago+39

    I like the Space Craft videos. Thanks for showing that to us. Nice Job Verge!

  • PirateKitty
    PirateKitty a years ago+49

    I am perfect for the mission. I hate everyone equally.

  • Ahmed Gaber
    Ahmed Gaber a years ago+22

    So, NASA is using Ubuntu.. who would have thought.

  • Florian Krentzel
    Florian Krentzel a years ago+10

    I actually recently completed NASA’s Highschool Aerospace Scholars program in Texas and got to meet with and speak to some Hi-seas reps and someone who spent a year there

  • theni
    theni a years ago+20

    i swear i saw Huawei instead of Hawaii

  • Paul Richmond
    Paul Richmond a years ago+28

    how much ping would u get while gaming in mars? XD

  • makedonii
    makedonii a years ago+33

    But can you stream 4K Netflix?

  • Beets
    Beets a years ago+4

    There's a Gimlet podcast about it called The Habitat.

  • SergeantShrimp1
    SergeantShrimp1 a years ago+3

    There was recently a fantastic podcast made about test subjects and their lives while on High Seas. People should listen to The Habitat if they're interested in this.

  • Joshua Teh
    Joshua Teh 10 months ago+2

    To get that perfect picture... of a rock

  • john cook
    john cook 11 months ago+2

    If you enjoy living inside a dumpster you'd make a good astronaut.

  • lavapix
    lavapix a years ago+5

    I've hiked Mauna Loa a gazillion times and had roommates for more than 1 year once so, I'm qualified for the Mars mission :-) Hike to the summit off trail on the huge A'a flows at night. That will test your abilities to survive. I have those same tables from Costco for my PC desk and dead plants too. I also do 20-minute delay phone calls with my friends. On a clear day, you can see this place from Saddle Road. Great quality footage of Mauna Loa.

  • Icar us
    Icar us a years ago+3

    I feel like we shouldn't go straight to establishing a colony until we figure out the basics and surviving on a different planet and the long term implications it may have on the human body.

  • Egg But not like you think

    Imagine what it would be like going to Mars for 2 hears and then coming back and the memes you once thought was the best thing ever have changed beyond recognition

  • racoonzattack
    racoonzattack a years ago+3

    High Seas - Finding the most badass humans to send to Mars!

  • Lakshay Punj
    Lakshay Punj a years ago+4

    HQ content for free on YT. S/O The Verge

  • Fahrenheight
    Fahrenheight a years ago+7

    Fantastic video as always.

  • Henrique Oliveira
    Henrique Oliveira a years ago

    Great quality as usual, thanks The Verge

  • All around Hannah Marie

    Me: I what to live in Hawaii.
    My dad: but you do live in Hawaii.
    Me: oh ok.