Game of Thrones 8x05 The Bells Ring, Cersei Surrenders, Daenerys Destroys Kings Landing

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • ► Subscribe for more! ► becomes the Mad Queen, Jon realizes he should be King.This video is for non-profit and protected by law under fair use. More GoT scenes:8x04 Rhaegal Death Scene: Ramsay Death Scene: Dragon Scenes: Jon Snow Death Scene: Joffrey Death Scene: Pictures and/or clips in this video are used under Fair Use.


  • Mateo12485 1 months ago

    It’s crazy that people are STILL complaining about this season. This whole episode was INCREDIBLE. We’ve been predicting the Mad Queen for years, just didn’t know how exactly it would happen.It wasn’t rushed, stop hopping on the bandwagon. Dany has been on her breaking point since the beginning of Season 7 when stuff stopped going her way. Between Rhaegal’s death, Missandei’s death, and the situation with Jon, she just snapped. GRRM already said the ending is going to be the same as the books. This...

  • Andre Montoya an hour ago

    You're annoyingly ignorant

  • maum_1800 an hour ago

    I guess someone else said it already in these 500 comments but I'll say it too:The problem is not the what, Daenerys' impulsiveness is kind of shown before, but it's impossible to defend the development that led to this point. As I pointed in another comment (that was not my idea BTW), remove the bells ringing, Cersei didn't surrender and Daenerys is pissed. It's still illogical but a little better. Now, do the impulsiveness of hers in she flying to the red keep and destroying it in order to destroy h...

  • C Pegg 1 months ago

    Jorah is lucky to have not lived to see this.

  • jhaz89 13 hours ago

    Regardless, imagine if theres an afterlife or spirit world and jorah is watching all this go down. I imagine he'd be like, "Dude, what the fuck...BAD Khaleesi, very VERY BAD khaleesi."

  • nisiriti 21 hours ago

    true but from the other hand, if he lived it propably would have never happened!

  • Jack FelixnAtlas 1 months ago

    Night king: I’m the villain of the showCersei: No I amDaenerys: Hold my Starbucks cup

  • Over The Spectrum an hour ago

    @Naruto Uzumaki f**k up you soulless piece of shit. You'd be the sort of person that would've went into to Germany massacring EVERYONE, soldier and civilians.

  • Over The Spectrum an hour ago

    @Artaxerxes murdering thousands of innocent people that had SURRENDERED you abject toss, IS villainous yes.

  • hawksasuke97 1 months ago

    Tyrion during his trial: “I wish you all would die!!!”Dany: burns them all🔥🔥Tyrion:😮😮😮

  • Sychar Bless 3 days ago

    He was out of control on his trial and when dany wants to burn the city he's like don't burn the city there's innocent people living in that City*me: YOU WANTED THEM TO DIE!!**Friend: I think he wanted the people that was in the throne room to die*

  • Brooklyn Knight 6 days ago

    Wishing and doing are two total opposites 🤷‍♀️

  • Roy De Guzman 22 days ago

    "Are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon. Be a dragon." Olenna couldn't be more prouder.

  • Sychar Bless 3 days ago

    But most of the Dragons are dead so she's dead

  • FlowerTrollSan 11 days ago

    Olenna NEVER approved of unnecessary violence. Hence why she killed Joffrey.

  • Finnbar01 1 months ago

    Darnerys wasn't herself. Someone should have given her a snickers.

  • Flyguy182 6 days ago

    She likes eminems

  • Dujon Dunn 11 days ago

    @Dalena Le technically not genocide. It's a massacre for sure. She didn't kill them because race, religion or nationality. She killed them for the heck of it. Based on the scale and nature of the killings though the distinction is only of academic importance.

  • lizyongwae 1 months ago

    Missandei.... : DRACARYSDANNY :...... burns the whole city down together with northeners anger.

  • Over The Spectrum 2 days ago

    @Nicolás Beltrán yep cause humans are at our core, vicious animals.

  • Nicolás Beltrán 4 days ago

    @Ronald Johnson Well in season 2 (or I think it was in the book, I don't remember correctly) Cersei said when a city is suck men loose their mines, they just want blood (and rape whatever is on their way)

  • Yohanes.A 19 days ago

    They should keep Rhaegal until this scene and when she heard the bells rang,she planned to stop burning the city but a scorpion from red keep shot Rhaegal and then dany became mad

  • chipotle is my life 34 minutes ago

    That was exactly what I was thinking

  • Doomsday Goddess 4 hours ago

    He should have gone out a hero but I agree with your statement

  • serif c. 1 months ago

    Oh no, Dany can't hear the bells, she's got airpods in!

  • Over The Spectrum 2 days ago

    The Bells the bells the Neverending bells points if anyone gets this 😎😂

  • Manly Powers 11 days ago

    So, actually, this is all Apple's fault.

  • TheHulkbuster13 1 months ago

    Drogon thoughts during this: Are you sure about this mom? The fans will hate you.Daenerys: I don't care, burn them all.

  • Rihana Jan 4 days ago

    except none of the fans hate her, they hate D&D

  • kckbella xoxo 6 days ago

    I still love her lol