Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan talk World Cup victory l GMA



  • WildwoodClaire1 13 days ago

    Rose Lavelle is a stone cold assassin who eats defenses for breakfast while looking like a delicate, sundrenched wildflower wafted by summer breezes.

  • Cecil Treadwell 2 hours ago

    Not 'sundrenched'. Too pale for that. A PALE ASSASSIN for sure though.

  • Rajesh Kanungo an hour ago

    Haleem Valentine big kicks to the body with studs showing are automatic yellow cards. That is the rule. This one was done deliberately and away from the ball.

  • Jonathon Lemus 8 days ago

    Crystal Dunn and Rose Lavelle, breakout stars of the World Cup

  • Cecil Treadwell 13 days ago

    The excellence of Tobin Heath has become so consistent it has become standard when it should be thoroughly celebrated.

  • Cecil Treadwell 8 days ago

    @Jo Berg She more than tries. She's held that position since 2008. Great rum.

  • Jo Berg 8 days ago

    She tries to do to much dribbling.

  • Cecil Treadwell 13 days ago

    Crystal Dunn, as Left Back, was an essential ingredient in our success.Make no mistake about that!Her performance was SUPER ESSENTIAL.

  • hushg2000 12 days ago

    Carli the bad bitch and Heath not speak? Blasphemy lol ... and my amiga Press not one word either :( But Lloyd should have spoken tho ... but I do understand there are too many stars on this team

  • Eric Brown an hour ago

    I love Christen Press. She would be the star striker on any team that didn't have Alex Morgan. Really hope they broadcast some Utah Royals games so I can watch her play. She had a sick goal for them yesterday I think.

  • LaurikeG 24 13 days ago

    Everyone with shades on are definitely still hungover👏😂😂

  • Eire Saoirse 6 days ago

    Just remember everybody megan rapinhoe deserves it....

  • annie 12 days ago

    Tobin looks like she's ready to leave at any second😂

  • Rita Lun 10 days ago

    annie omg yesss😂😂😂She has her bag on her and she’s like 3ft away from her team😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤪🤣🤣🤣

  • FUCK JAKE PAUL 10 days ago

    Hah fr she looks so serious

  • Gaurav Vanvari 13 days ago

    US midfield - Julie Ertz , Rose Lavelle and Sam Mewis won the WC for US. Too much focus is paid on strikers because the broadcasters can cash on Alex Morgan vs Ellen White images

  • tripsr4kids 6 days ago

    @Jo Berg not a top 20 player but wins the Golden Ball?? Golden Ball means BEST player in the tournament. ur logic is totally fucked, mental midget,. go suck on some dick and try again.

  • Mister Fase 13 days ago

    GIVE HEATH HER PROPS... She was part of almost every single goal they scored.

  • Va Ri 4 days ago

    Tobin Heath❤❤😍😍