Controlling all your entertainment from a single device



  • The Verge
    The Verge  11 months ago+36

    What’s been your favorite home entertainment device?

  • Flüg
    Flüg 11 months ago+94

    What an awful UI, looks like it was designed by a back-end developer.

  • Aria
    Aria 11 months ago+183

    3:02 Honestly I hate the look of that remote on the ipad. Everytime I want to control something I have to lean on to reach for the tablet on the table. Even if it is detachable it seems heavy and inconvenient. That’s a minus for me

  • Greg Hartwick
    Greg Hartwick 11 months ago+167

    The smart home of the future looks like it’s for ‘rich’ people.

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez 11 months ago+39

    Everything is great until the iPad just dies!

  • TNM001
    TNM001 11 months ago+15

    nice try, but nope.
    no remote? what is the ipad then? this has been done since tablets came out, using them as "one remote to rule them all". and its a WORSE remote.
    all the rest is just hacked. "Alexa, tell home butler to tell XY..." sure, common. Clunky, and nobody will do this outside of the first week. they will throw the ipad on the ground and want their remotes back.
    this is for hipsters that are never at home and use their homes as showcase, or the poor wife has to live in this box and go crazy on the unusable interface.
    no, its not for nerds, nerds would build their own clunky system on arduino and stuff.
    this is, of course, not the future, its an example of our failures with locked in systems and maybe, maybe a lesson on what we have to overcome.

  • Taaha Khan
    Taaha Khan 11 months ago+36

    this house is a hacker's playzone
    {hackers of the future}

  • M Rawash
    M Rawash 11 months ago+12

    do the deaf neighbors come free with the patio sound system?

  • Seth Weiss
    Seth Weiss 11 months ago+18

    Verge Team,
    As a recent homeowner, I'm loving the series. Its great to now see the typical Alexa or Google voice commanded home interfaces that you see the majority of the time. Keep the series going and I can't wait to see more.
    Any way that you could do a future episode or 2 on rural homes with poor wifi and how to solve some of the issues there?
    Thank you,

  • Yugam Dhuriya
    Yugam Dhuriya 11 months ago+20

    he is the myth buster guy

  • Robert Jiang
    Robert Jiang 9 months ago+4

    I hate this idea of protecting people from themselves, removing the remote to stop people from accidently pressing the wrong button. It's just dumbing down the entire system, and removing flexibility. Those buttons have functions which are no longer available to me. Later on he mentions that he doesn't want to redo what sonos has already redone, and thus makes the sonos button available - why redo what the tv manufactures have already done, and remove the tv remote?
    i'd feel like i have less control of my tech than ever before.

  • Lakshay Punj
    Lakshay Punj 11 months ago+7

    This house went from Consumer to Bill Gates house after the second episode lol

  • XiXora
    XiXora 11 months ago+31

    I'd go crazy if my neighbours had those speakers outside.

  • WinlockPro
    WinlockPro 11 months ago+94

    This whole system is so redundant in so many ways it’s ridiculous. I can do everything that this home is setup to do with less than half the devices that they’re using here. Also telling Alexa to tell “home butler” is plain inefficient. You can integrate this is a much smarter way. Maybe you need to hire someone who knows IOT a little better.
    Decent try at home automation tho.

  • Damien Marques Da Silva
    Damien Marques Da Silva 11 months ago+11

    I absolutely love Home Assistant. Brings every platforms in one place. I have my smart TVs, denon receiver, Sony soundbar, chromecasts, smartthings lights, sensors and thermostats, ADT alarm, esp8622 with rgb led strips etc etc etc all centralized through Home Assistant. I can ask either google homes or siri to control stuff, because Home Assistant bridges it all. Finally, the smart home isn't the home you control remotely from one app. The smart home is the home that behaves around you, without you telling it to do so. Obviously Home Assistant does this well too! By the way, its free and open source, and a $35 raspberry pi is enough to get started...

  • TinkerTavern
    TinkerTavern 11 months ago+6

    Somebody forgot to remove the alexa keyword

  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen 9 months ago+4

    It drives me crazy that no one knows how to mount a TV. They are always several feet above where they should be mounted. When looking straight forward you should be looking at the top third of your display.

  • Juha Lindstedt
    Juha Lindstedt 11 months ago+3

    We have the Logitech Harmony Companion and it’s been perfect! 👌

  • Yanis Ho
    Yanis Ho 11 months ago+26

    Love this series of videos I hope there are many more videos coming

  • Michael Glass
    Michael Glass 11 months ago+6

    I'm curious why a Roku was used instead of a Chromecast? Chromecast's a literally designed to not have a remote, using your phone/tablet to control everything. The only downside I see is you might need to switch the iPad for an Android tablet, and possibly switching from an Echo to Google Home. Both these problems may not actually exist, but would probably be better for the system anyway.