10 Amazing Elon Musk Inventions You Probably Didn't Know About

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
  • What are all the products that Elon Musk actually invented or brought to life? For starters, there's Teslaquila but I bet you don't know all 10!Elon Musk is the co-founder and CEO of Tesla Inc.; founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; and founder of The Boring Company—among his many other various titles. Musk wears a lot of hats, and he seems to operate best this way. While he wouldn't wish his insane work schedule upon his worst enemy, he has become a leader in innovative technologies and has brought many of his wild ideas to life. For example, The Boring Company was created after Musk tweeted out that he was going to make his own tunnel boring machine because he was so tired of dealing with traffic. After the tweet was sent, he realized how good of an idea that was and founded the company on the same day. Focused on building tunnels underground, The Boring Company is looking to alleviate traffic in highly-congested urban cities by putting the highways below street level. Then there's Teslaquila, a distilled agave liquor that Tesla submitted a trademark application for after Elon tweeted about it as a joke. We're still waiting for it to officially become a reality, but the Tesla CEO did share a picture of what the bottle is going to look like. As you can probably tell, Musk hashes out his best ideas on Twitter. But it's the fact that he's able to then bring these ideas to life that makes him stand out from the rest. Perhaps the coolest thing that he's been working on is SpaceX's Super-Heavy Starship, a reusable rocket-spaceship duo that will eventually be used to colonize Mars. While the naysayers believe that it can't be done, Elon has a plan—and a determination—that's hard to argue with. SpaceX is already the only private company that's able to return a spacecraft from low Earth orbit, and we can't wait to see what else the company can achieve with a little help from Elon's billions. For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f@valnetinc.com Our Social Media:Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheRichest.orgTwitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_ComInstagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit:http://therichest.com/


  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  6 months ago+1318

    If you could get one of these inventions, which one would you pick?
    Comment if your choice was the secret option : Elon Musk hosting meme review 😉

  • Sparkbag
    Sparkbag 5 months ago+4386

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that this man hosted meme review

  • Saint_ Natsu
    Saint_ Natsu 5 months ago+3018

    He literally creates companies when bored

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna 5 months ago+3333

    Elon Musk hosting meme review was the peak of humanity

  • Malachi
    Malachi 5 months ago+1610

    Now Elon just needs to learn how to fix that dolphin

  • Crazyrzy Q8
    Crazyrzy Q8 5 months ago+1075

    "Elon Musk is real life Tony Stark"
    Fun fact: Elon Musk is actually in the movie Iron Man 2

  • Jacob Francisco
    Jacob Francisco 5 months ago+491

    Elon Musk:*wakes up* "what company should I make today?"

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda 5 months ago+403

    Petition for Elon musk to make a gun called the Elon musket

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama 5 months ago+821

    Cars ? Tesla
    Mars ? SpaceX
    Robots ? OpenAI
    Hotel ? Trivago

  • His time has come
    His time has come 5 months ago+338

    This guy has cars, spaceships robots, and he hosted meme review... Holy shit he really is Tony Stark.

  • Alexander - PubgM
    Alexander - PubgM 5 months ago+72

    Imagine this guy recreating the school system

  • Trolluranium
    Trolluranium 5 months ago+367

    Elon: I'm buying all deers in the world and make them drown in a giant pool.
    10 minutes later: I'm dead serious...

  • GD Maksy
    GD Maksy 5 months ago+164

    Telsa S
    Tesla 3
    Tesla X
    Tesla Y
    See anything unusual?

  • Epifanio Cruz
    Epifanio Cruz 5 months ago+202

    If this man goes into the vr industry we might actually get the whole sword art online experience without the the whole dying in real life

  • Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

    We need Elon Musk alive, that guy is making serious moves

  • f oe
    f oe 5 months ago+146

    I'm waiting for the Elon Musk musk cologne.

  • Tibor Anderko
    Tibor Anderko 5 months ago+99

    Title should be "10 Elon Musk Inventions You Definitely Have Known About For a While Now" ;)

  • Nice one boi
    Nice one boi 3 months ago+37

    just waiting for him to get a heart problem and decide “im gonna make an arc reactor”

  • gokuluca3
    gokuluca3 5 months ago+213

    Elon musk: *gets stuck on the traffic*
    Also Elon Musk: "Im going to make a company"

  • ZeOverman
    ZeOverman 5 months ago+117

    Well if Teslaquilla won't work out he can try out Voltka.