Girls hitting on David Dobrik and making him feel uncomfortable for 4 minutes straight

  • Published on:  1/12/2019
  • He's such a cutie I can'tDon't forget to subscribe!


  • Jackson
    Jackson 6 months ago+6433

    I love the way he goes, “amazing, stop staring at my lips” so calmly

  • miranda a
    miranda a 6 months ago+9205

    Ted bundy being adorable to lure his victims for 4 minutes straight

  • Lynnaya Funmaker
    Lynnaya Funmaker 6 months ago+4692

    When Trisha made him get all tongue tied 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • moonlightagb
    moonlightagb 6 months ago+4612

    david is really attractive tho sooooo

  • Small Brain
    Small Brain 6 months ago+1323

    The end was very .. unusual

  • Poppa Jacks
    Poppa Jacks 6 months ago+8488

    Riley Reid made him super uncomfortable lmao

  • Kaya B
    Kaya B 6 months ago+2236

    2:10 that's when I realised David is actually so hot like wtf 😫😍

  • Alumni Ra
    Alumni Ra 6 months ago+561

    Now make one called "guys hitting on David Dobrik and him feeling incredibly comfortable"

  • Asia Short
    Asia Short 6 months ago+701

    I thought it said girls hitting David

  • cher cher
    cher cher 6 months ago+772

    Tana mongoose fake laughing like David makes me want to die

  • meris mce
    meris mce 6 months ago+8344

    Trisha hitting on Ted Bundy for 4 minutes straight

  • Katelyn Graves
    Katelyn Graves 6 months ago+798

    I mean... who doesn’t want a piece of david tho????? don’t lie to yourself like that it’s unhealthy

  • Alyssa Leong
    Alyssa Leong 6 months ago+302

    David’s a little bunny

  • Rashmi Ingle
    Rashmi Ingle 3 months ago+89

    Liza doesn't make him uncomfortable...! Come on now!

  • wasabi gurll
    wasabi gurll 6 months ago+147

    1:22 the stuttering lmaoo

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 6 months ago+8234

    Trisha : You're such a good eater
    How does one master eating?

  • Wvnxed
    Wvnxed 6 months ago+351

    Excuse you sir this is clickbait you said 4 minutes is actually 4 minutes and 1 second you monster 🙄

  • zariana
    zariana 6 months ago+43

    I feel like Liza doesn’t count Bc they were literally dating......

  • SmartJovan
    SmartJovan 3 months ago+67

    You forgot to add the one where Corinna said she jerks off to David

  • Emily Bevan
    Emily Bevan 6 months ago+236

    Awe bless him he’s so cute