(♥Shy♥) ITZY's peach fuzz ′Chaeryeong′'s perfect dance♬ Knowing bros EP 188



    IVAN ROQUE 1 months ago+5058

    Hoping to see chaeyon and chaeryoung dance on one stage. That would be a legendary

  • ITZ*ONE M. Syazlisa
    ITZ*ONE M. Syazlisa 1 months ago+2946

    Finally can see chaeryeong unnie dance. Chae sisters really good at dance

  • Josefina Montero
    Josefina Montero 1 months ago+1370

    Hairflips run in the family its part of the choreo 😂 Lee sisters are powerful! 💙

  • mey zuno
    mey zuno 1 months ago+2694

    Her movement is 'feather like' just like chaeyeon omfg. We should call them 'feather sist' instead of 'chae sis' lol


    Lee Sisters are born not to be Main Dancer but to be the Best Dancer at all generation

  • febriyanti sunjaya
    febriyanti sunjaya 1 months ago+1050

    indeed the main dancer, we love you queen! 🔥

  • Ra Hi
    Ra Hi 1 months ago+946

    Chaeyeon and chaeryoung’s dance styles are similar as expected from sisters😘😘😻😻😘😘
    Edit: Thanks for the likes❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😊😊😘
    Edit: i didnt mean to offend anyone and i’m sorry u couldnt express my point properly

  • last parade
    last parade 1 months ago+829

    glad to see chaeryeong finally can show what she got

  • blinkeu chingu
    blinkeu chingu 1 months ago+721

    When chaeyeon dance I see her passion and swagger feather. And she has more experience than her sister. Chaeryeong is slightly shy but cute. But good dancer

  • Cambodia TVCs Collection
    Cambodia TVCs Collection 1 months ago+431

    Chae cutely : I will show u my dance UWU.
    Then she went : You Laugh ?
    Holly Crap😱😱😱😱

  • Soft For The8.
    Soft For The8. 1 months ago+321

    I need ITZY and IZ*ONE on the stage together and Chaeyeon and Chaeryoung to have a dance battle or duo together would be amazing

  • Jessica Evangeli
    Jessica Evangeli 1 months ago+451

    Chaeryeong is good dancer as like her sister chaeyeon 🤩

  • Kpop Chen
    Kpop Chen  1 months ago+375

    Another main dancer of Itzy chaeryeong also their hidden weapon , she is same as her sister in terms in dancing

  • neko mao
    neko mao 1 months ago+526

    You laugh? Damn chaeryoung aura when she said it...u go girl 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lee Chaeryeong
    Lee Chaeryeong 1 months ago+79

    In fact she is very underrated than other members, but now I'm really happy and thankfull for JTBC, Chaeryeong most watched 😭😭. I feel that the CEO or anyone from JTBC like Chae sister, like I like them, really like them 🥰🥰. Thank you so much JTBC ❣
    Edit. Everyone please, this video is for Chaeryeong to shine. Don't compare her with her sister, they both have different styles of dancing. Chaeyeon is more boyish and Chaeryeong is more girly, you really can't compare the two of them, because they are really different, but still powerful and really good.

  • Sheng Wei Puan
    Sheng Wei Puan 1 months ago+219

    what do i think is, Chaeyeon more emphasize the steps and power control but Chaeryoung more emphasize the line, just so JYP. anyway both of them are feathers, sis no doubt

  • Amir Hassan
    Amir Hassan 1 months ago+77

    I really hope there is 'Hit The Stage 2' and both Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon participate.

  • morning_alarm_17이동민_
    morning_alarm_17이동민_ 1 months ago+241

    Lee sister's is really powerful😍😍😏😭😻

  • May Bliss
    May Bliss 1 months ago+78

    Chaeryeong also moves like feather but she have a diff style than Chaeyeon which makes both of them different. Chaeyeon's inevitably screams sexy which empahizes her light movements while Chaeryeong shouts cool and bright. It's just great to see both of them create names for themselves 😍

  • Unnie Jinnie MF
    Unnie Jinnie MF 1 months ago+76

    Chaeryoung ears are so cute.