10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

  • Published on:  5/11/2019
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    REACT  3 months ago+311

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  • Shamma Alf
    Shamma Alf 3 months ago+1783

    0:16 coffe cup
    2:50 it says elders react
    3:40 white table ( instead of black)

  • Bryan
    Bryan 3 months ago+888

    7:42 : "how you messed up an animation?"
    Ask sonic.

  • Elisha Grace
    Elisha Grace 2 months ago+349

    is her name... ribonucleic acid?

  • Fatimah Al-attar
    Fatimah Al-attar 3 months ago+297

    7:12 tori had the elders computer
    0:17 Starbucks cup disappeared
    0:43 table turned white

  • Fire Emblem Summarizations

    Ribonucleic Acid has joined the cast.

  • Karthik R Kashyap
    Karthik R Kashyap 3 months ago+122

    Seriously, her name is RNA? Ribo Nucleic Acid?

  • Got7 BTS
    Got7 BTS 2 months ago+91

    The the actor of the storm trooper actually asked for that scene to stay in the movie and that's why they added a sound when he hit his head as well.

  • Kayla Rodriguez
    Kayla Rodriguez 3 months ago+149

    1.The Starbucks cup in the back
    2.Labib table white
    3. The sign was change to elder react

  • Selfinka
    Selfinka 3 months ago+419

    1. Tori's laptop have Elders react logo
    2. Labib's table is not black, but it is white
    3. Starbucks cup in the background (Ryan)
    I am sending greetings from the Czech Republic!!

  • Ashleigh Baisch
    Ashleigh Baisch 3 months ago+91

    1. at 0:16 there is a coffee cup in the background
    2. at 2:50 there is elders react on the back of the laptop
    3. at 3:40 there is a white table instead of the black table

  • Superfreak 4002
    Superfreak 4002 3 months ago+24

    Yooo RNA I learned about her in biology

  • Jonathan Villegas
    Jonathan Villegas 3 months ago+23

    1:15 This lady is named after ribonucleic acid

  • Brendan Bernales
    Brendan Bernales 3 months ago+93


  • Babore Thiccson
    Babore Thiccson 3 months ago+173

    Is that girl actually named Ribonucleic acid?

  • Monde Ndlovu
    Monde Ndlovu 3 months ago+9

    Who else guessed everything incorrectly😂😂

  • LiyahBear1207 •
    LiyahBear1207 • 3 months ago+8

    Hhmmm who else noticed Tori switch from the react computer to the elders react computer 🤔

  • Katarina k
    Katarina k 3 months ago+26

    1.starbucks cup is there at 0.20 but isn't at 0.30
    2.Toris laptop says elders react
    3.desk changes from black to white

  • s i p p
    s i p p 2 months ago+27

    1. at 6:48 and 2:14 Toris computer said elders react insread of react
    2. labibs table is white
    3. the starbucks cup at the beginning

  • Spring Viator
    Spring Viator 3 months ago+7

    The coffee cup at 0:16 in the back
    0:34 elders react
    0:42 table change😂