Confessions of an ex-repo man

  • Published on:  2/19/2018
  • David Simpson has lived a very interesting life. He holds the solo Atlantic to Pacific and Cannonball Run driving records and he writes Zombie books. Back in the 90s, he was a repo man. • Buy our NEW, LIMITED EDITION t-shirts and gear at our store - For information on how to finance your dream car, visit https://www.premierfinancialservices..... Follow Premier on their social channels. Be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this with other car enthusiasts! Add to the stories of your cars and the cars you love on VINwiki. Download the free VINwiki iOS App - Download the free VINwiki Android App - Follow us on at Follow us at Like us on


  • TheFreePantheist
    TheFreePantheist a years ago+1344

    A real man admits when he got beat up in a fight

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston a years ago+494

    when you get your car repo'd, you've been burned. and when you're burned, you've got nothing.

  • Morten Hartvig Kristiansen

    I love how he says "stole" and not repo'd. "Yeah, I steal cars for a living" freaking badass

  • TheCobruhAlienat0r
    TheCobruhAlienat0r a years ago+225

    One of my friends used to be a repo man, he told me about this one van he took back in the 90's that belonged to an employee at McDonald's. Well he found the van in the McDonald's parking lot and he had the keys to it. So he took it through the drive-thru and ordered lunch. The girl that handed him his food noticed he was driving her van and said "Hey! That's my van!" and he said "Not anymore!" and then he tossed his business card in the window.

  • P WrightisRight
    P WrightisRight a years ago+1301

    "So we stole the batmobile..." Best VINwiki hook yet!

  • Tucker Tull
    Tucker Tull a years ago+391

    "The first Mercedes we stoled"
    At this point, I knew this was going to be another classic VINWiki story. Thanks Ed for the wonderful people and their stories.

  • Noah Melton
    Noah Melton a years ago+385

    More of this guy. He is awesome

  • TJ BSK
    TJ BSK a years ago+272

    Someone should give this guy his own repo show

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 a years ago+336

    Sounds like a dangerous job.

  • SpeedMayHaveBeenAFactor
    SpeedMayHaveBeenAFactor a years ago+563

    Cutting a valve stem. Simple, effective, brilliant.

  • Rob Pitts
    Rob Pitts a years ago+177

    This is the man I wanna have a beer with .... Great story

  • LucifersDeathSquad
    LucifersDeathSquad a years ago+129

    Thats an ironic ad at the end

  • salty trucks bruh
    salty trucks bruh a years ago+59

    Me and my two best friends all work for a repo company. Best part is getting to race the cars we get 😂 ... If "burga" the rapper is reading this your Audi A8 was pretty fast

  • Ozzstar
    Ozzstar a years ago+99

    Old school repo stories are entertaining!

  • Brandon Allen
    Brandon Allen a years ago+69

    After watching a video about A repo man taking cars. YouTube puts up a commercial for Auto financing company. Lol. That's a bit cheeky...

  • Lee Crawford
    Lee Crawford a years ago+203

    I wanna see more of this guy
    He's funny and cool😉😆
    That beginning was perfect and random
    Well, we stole the Batmobile

  • Blake Mansfield
    Blake Mansfield a years ago+53

    This is one of the best channels on youtube, keep up the good work vinwiki!

  • OGAstra
    OGAstra a years ago+82

    I beat him with his ak 🤘

  • NickFromGFT
    NickFromGFT a years ago+19

    Imagine sitting around a campfire with every storyteller from VinWiki.

  • Arne's Antics
    Arne's Antics a years ago+103

    Dave is a riot! Love it