• Once * Army (Apr 13, 2019)

    TWICE has colorful pop concept and not cuteYes or Yes??

  • Today!

  • Evelyn W (1 day ago)

    koukou fralg It’s not cute. The members said it is still bright and energetic but is more confident and mature. Chaeyoung said it’s a new start.

  • Army that blinked once (Apr 15, 2019)

    This teaser is still trending damn onces are so thirsty for a comeback lol😂

  • jungshook (2 days ago)

    i like ur username lol

  • Laura J (4 days ago)

    Your name is genius.. Lol😂😂😂😂✨

  • TAEHYUNG MY DNA (Apr 15, 2019)

    *Armys gonna support Twice* !!♡

  • TAEHYUNG MY DNA (23 hours ago)

    +Даня Таргарян ratmys TF IS WRONG WITH U

  • solareclipse (1 day ago)

    Даня Таргарян noone mentioned blackpink and noone cares 🤡

  • purple yeontan (Apr 16, 2019)

    armys will support twice's comeback!! armyonces where u at?? Queens are coming back

  • Ivana Wong (1 day ago)

    🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Here!Army and Once support!!!!Yay

  • Tae's Bae (2 days ago)

    always here for twice and onces

  • park taera (Apr 15, 2019)

    I'm an army!! And I'll help you to stream on the upcoming comeback of Twice!

  • dontcallmeJhorse. (1 day ago)

    +domo konichiwa ver.3 i wonder why you are talking to us in this way. And yes, i say "us" and not "her" because you are speaking about "army fandom" as toxic and cancer, and as a part of this fandom i feel involved. Armys are my family (as all the kpop fandom), in all and for all, and your words hurt me and my heart. I know that in our fandom there are many toxic fans, but being part and relating with more fandom i know that there are toxic fans in every fandom, as there a...

  • taehyungssmile (Apr 13, 2019)

    Thank you once who helped us for the bts comeback. Army's will help you too💜💞

  • k-pop bishh (3 days ago)

    +domo konichiwa ver.3 What's wrong with you? Wtf

  • k-pop bishh (3 days ago)

    +—Chocolate Kookie— me toooo

  • Three LiL (5 days ago)

    Woah Im not a fan of twice BUT I THINK IM FALLEN!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Espina (6 days ago)

    I don't actually stan Twice but I am here to support another kpop group. I am an Army but I'll support your group, Onces. (Insert heart emoj1s)

  • Its z (6 days ago)

    JYP really knows how to make money :-)

  • Norman Kyle Pelaez (Apr 15, 2019)

    I cant wait for this comeback!!!From Philippines 🇵🇭❤