ITZY(있지) "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" | KPOP Demo Dance | ALiEN

  • Published on:  2/22/2019
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  • ALiEN
    ALiEN  5 months ago+1380

    ALiEN의 안무가 Euanflow와 Miu Kim, Ash가 함께 안무 제작에 참여한 ITZY(있지) "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" 입니다.
    ALiEN의 어떤 안무가 사용되었는지 확인해보세요!!
    Dancers :: Luna Hyun, Miu Kim, JuJu, Davin, Yiso

  • Nina Odorčić
    Nina Odorčić 5 months ago+8290

    I really like this choreography, but I see why jyp didn't take the full thing. it would be difficult to sing and dance and it's a little bit too sexual (considering that Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna are still underage). but this is still a great choreography

  • Chloé
    Chloé 5 months ago+6149

    This choreography seems harder and more mature for the girls since they are still teenagers. But it's a good choreography

  • 쿠마Zen
    쿠마Zen 5 months ago+4308

    2:25- 2:42 JYP should've got that part. That was like insanely genius instead of the official arm flailing part or whateva.

  • MarkEz DEZ
    MarkEz DEZ 5 months ago+4592

    CRAZY CHOREOGRAPHY! Seems impossible to sing though.

  • Lena C
    Lena C 5 months ago+2648

    2:40 Oh my gad that part was so satisfying to watch.

  • ImSoGayForSonChaeyoung _ARMY
    ImSoGayForSonChaeyoung _ARMY 5 months ago+2631

    If this was the choreography I would never learn it quick

  • 해나
    해나 5 months ago+3232

    2:40 is one of my fav parts omgggg

  • Niu Wang
    Niu Wang 5 months ago+3221

    Is it me or is 01:29 the only part from the demo that stayed into the final choreo.
    The dance went through one hell of a transformation. This demo looks so exhausting

  • DDND Mix
    DDND Mix 5 months ago+921

    I want Yeji to dance this choreography 😍😍

  • The Weekly Dropout
    The Weekly Dropout 1 months ago+200

    This would be a great performance for Area 51 raid

  • theycallmeangie
    theycallmeangie 5 months ago+851

    This choreography is amazing!! Unfortunately, I don't see any connection to the lyrics? But honestly what an amazing performance!!!

  • Adam Ghaffar
    Adam Ghaffar 5 months ago+494

    How do you even sing while doing that 😂

  • gotomaki2
    gotomaki2 5 months ago+493

    This is a great dance.But for itzy they are still too young to do some sexy move, and second I think its hard to dance and sing at the same time for a new rookie idol group. Its just my comment only.

  • Disgrace to god.
    Disgrace to god. 5 months ago+538

    is it bad that I like this version better?

  • sallyzelol sun
    sallyzelol sun 5 months ago+662

    OMG.... I really like ITZY's dancing choreography!!! I do like this version to. I am so excited!!!

  • cy_
    cy_ 5 months ago+254

    This demo choreography seems more gay, i love it.

  • dokyeom
    dokyeom 5 months ago+279

    this choreography is sexier and harder than the original but it's still amazing like wow

  • 백콘
    백콘 5 months ago+192

    예지부분 진짜킬링 포인트! 근데 그외다른부분은 그냥 현재안무가나은듯..예를들어 달라달라나 태권도처럼 hey!하는부분 아이돈케돈케나..암튼 이렇게 일부분사용 되었다는것도 대단한듯

  • 홍예지
    홍예지 5 months ago+155

    에일리언 안무는 증말... 말잇못... 그치만 확실히 동선이랑 안무 ㄹㅇ 무자비하다ㅠ ㅇ거 라이브하면서 할라면 애들 죽어날듯 쥬륵 지금 달라달라안무도 빡센ㄷㅔ