Serena Williams has a MELTDOWN

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
  • Moments after Serena lost the Women's US Open Championship, she blamed the referee for being 'sexist'. There were two women in the competition. 'I NEVER cheated!'

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  • Vantastic47
    Vantastic47 4 hours ago

    Always the mens....
    Ffs just let us live..

  • thealdrintoscano
    thealdrintoscano yesterday

    Typical Angry Black Woman

  • thealdrintoscano
    thealdrintoscano yesterday

    Angry Black Woman

  • Captain X-Raygaming

    Telling a ref what to do and calling him names get the fuck out with your woman’s rights

  • Amanda Rose Entertainment Inc.

    Serena: You owe me an apology!
    Me: He doesn't owe you an apology. YOU owe him an apology!

  • ThePaul Steezo
    ThePaul Steezo 13 days ago+1


  • ThePaul Steezo
    ThePaul Steezo 13 days ago+1

    Did she ever GET THAT APOLOGY???

  • ThePaul Steezo
    ThePaul Steezo 13 days ago+1


  • Proud2be BLACK!
    Proud2be BLACK! 22 days ago+1

    A Black woman is STRONG, she is called a " man". . . A Black woman has patience with annoying and/or unfair people until her patience runs out, she is called an " angry woman". Y'all should stfu. 1. Do y'all want her to be skinny as hell, lookin anorexic or unhealthy like white girls!? She is FIT, STRONG and CURVY ( some of y'all are just envious that you weren't BLESSED with her BEAUTIFUL features). 2. Some of y'all don't know what it is like being not only BLACK, but a BLACK W.O.M.A.N! Y'all can just spray on some "fake tan", inject your lips and ass to make them look thick like ours, but you will NEVER go through what we have to go through and you will NEVER feel what we feel ( in-fact, you will get the opposite of our pain. . . PRAYS AND ATTENTION is what y'all will get) Some of y'all are privileged and have always had it easy, so you have nothing to be an " angry woman" for! She has had it WAAAY harder than y'all privileged whites, yet she is ABOVE y'all ( that says something). Somehow it makes y'all feel a-little better by insulting this chocolate QUEEN and LEGEND, so continue. . .

  • Stewie
    Stewie 24 days ago

    Hey, do you too hear the same text here?

  • overmostheads
    overmostheads 28 days ago

    Lol what a stupid bitch

  • takhilah1
    takhilah1 29 days ago

    They all love u till u make one mistake or two. Its pretty fucked up how these people are. If u go in their lives they've done far worse than yell at an umpire. Self righteous arrogant fucks. Serena as a person is better than all of you wanabe perfect cunts. All the great players of all sports had their moments of anger whether right or wrong. As a sober person im not going to hate Serena for anything im not stupid as you brain dead hypocrites. Serena got emotional and felt hurt it doesn't mean she's a bad person u fucken dumb idiots

  • Sollvi H
    Sollvi H 1 months ago

    Why would that man cry over woman's rights? Grow some balls Serena....oh wait.

  • annalee lobo
    annalee lobo 1 months ago

    Hood rat

  • Mandelen Mandelen
    Mandelen Mandelen 1 months ago

    Bad loser diva

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 1 months ago

    The Price is Wrong You Ugly Bitch.

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 1 months ago

    1. Using the Woman Card
    2. Cheated in a match.
    3. Cried because she lost.
    4. Yet never admitted what she did was wrong.
    Congrats you are the same level as Tom Brady Jr.

  • Kyle Guo
    Kyle Guo 1 months ago

    She’s a disgrace to women’s rights

  • Eugene Sukhoi
    Eugene Sukhoi 1 months ago

    I know this man...

  • Nick Gmar
    Nick Gmar 1 months ago

    Fucking bitch