Build Beautiful Swimming pool & House Villa Using wooden in Will



  • Your average User
    Your average User 5 months ago+1088

    Who else wants to know what happens to the buildings afterwards?

  • Vicki Zeref
    Vicki Zeref 3 days ago+45

    Everytime I tell myself I'm gonna sleep, I see one of these videos and stay up till 5:00 am. :'3

  • NSC Stew-O_O-
    NSC Stew-O_O- 4 days ago+118

    No one:
    Not even the boys:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Nobody on planet earth:
    Me at 3am: wow I think I’m gonna try this tomorrow

  • MrFanTasticUSB Not really

    I want to no how they are able make things like that

  • chloe woodhead
    chloe woodhead yesterday+10

    I wonder if the camera is made out of wood and stones

  • the Parkour NINJAS
    the Parkour NINJAS 7 months ago+2729

    When your mom says to play outside
    Edit: Thanks for 2K likes

  • Waeld ay
    Waeld ay 2 days ago+19

    Imagine if they created multiple houses like that and that would actually be a pretty good movie!

  • Tobas Keough
    Tobas Keough 3 days ago+43

    When it’s to expensive to buy a house

  • IsaiahsCreations
    IsaiahsCreations 7 days ago+152

    2:03 looks like Minecraft physics in real life

  • Georgey Boy
    Georgey Boy 6 days ago+131

    I'm something of a builder myself 😏
    I... I play Minecraft

  • Viperfan17
    Viperfan17 5 months ago+1955

    momm phineas and ferb are building another outdoor mansionn

  • Flame Otity
    Flame Otity 5 days ago+30

    When your on a sugar rush and your parents say to move out and get a house

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis 2 days ago+8

    I typed wooden Minecraft house and this is what I get I approve

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 2 days ago+6

    The boys out here takin one well hundreds of splinters for the team
    R/madlads like if u agree

  • Roses Forever
    Roses Forever 3 days ago+16

    I would’ve got over 1000 splitters in my foot if I did that😭

  • Facemoji Music
    Facemoji Music  5 months ago+774

    I wonder if the camera is made out of wood and bricks too

  • Hailey Venuto
    Hailey Venuto 5 days ago+18

    imagine coming across one of these houses in the woods

  • LPS Clo
    LPS Clo yesterday+1

    Them: takes them a year to build this
    Me:flips hand* OMG that was so much work

  • UnknownTerrarian 9480
    UnknownTerrarian 9480 22 hours ago+1

    Me:couldnt even go outside
    Them:can communicate telepathically and build a house with only 2 people

  • LoganGamer TV
    LoganGamer TV 6 days ago+26

    You could build super good you’re One of
    my favorite YouTubers