Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED



  • PurpleKnight139
    PurpleKnight139 3 months ago+7610

    Musician Explains One Concept in 4 Levels of Difficulty and Then Hangs Out with Herbie Hancock

  • Dyllpickalio
    Dyllpickalio 3 months ago+12836

    Ah yes, the five stages of life:
    College Student
    Herbie Hancock

  • Schatten2712
    Schatten2712 2 months ago+3117

    Herbie: "Plays piano"
    Jacob: "Plays piano back"
    Herbie: "Responds with more piano"
    Jacob: "haha, yeah yeah" "Plays more piano"
    Herbie: "uhumm" "More piano"
    Jacob: "wow" "Piano"
    Herbie: "yeah yeah" "Piano"
    Jacob: "right"

  • Ray Nguyen
    Ray Nguyen 3 months ago+3766

    Level 6
    He explains to his keyboard how to harmonize

  • Donovann Lorrin
    Donovann Lorrin 3 months ago+6319

    Jacob: "Have you heard of the circle of fifths?"
    Joshua: Am I a joke to you?

  • momokokochuchuchu
    momokokochuchuchu 3 months ago+1265

    hilarious that by the 5th one they stop speaking with words/full sentences and communicate in notes. it was like watching 2 aliens that speak via piano notes

  • mynamefrank
    mynamefrank 2 months ago+1660

    3:30 you know someone knows music well if they can spawn a guitar out of thin air

  • JustForFun
    JustForFun 14 days ago+553

    Piano man 1: "G 7 sharp 11"
    Piano man 2: "oH dUuuUdE"

  • Rob Vandal
    Rob Vandal 4 months ago+5185

    As a drummer, i have no clue whats going on here. I'll see myself out and back to my crayons and coloring books.

  • HazMatiC x
    HazMatiC x 3 months ago+1459

    You know you're special when you get your own piano in the interview lol

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 2 months ago+496

    that kid is super talented both musically and socially

  • Erwan Beguin
    Erwan Beguin 2 months ago+891

    "The more notes there are, the more exciting it is" J A Z Z

  • Joshua Steen
    Joshua Steen 1 months ago+449

    FINE, YOUTUBE ALGORITHM!!! I finally watched it after over a year. And I loved it. ARE YOU PLEASED???

  • Vasilis Condoulis
    Vasilis Condoulis 2 months ago+310

    What I got out of this
    Don't play the butter notes

  • - cannon
    - cannon 1 months ago+170

    I will never get over 9:41 - 9:50 lmaoo
    "And then..."
    "And that haunted me of days"

  • vincedelapena
    vincedelapena 3 months ago+194

    Level 5:
    Jacob & Herbie: [jamming Amazing Grace]
    Me: [struggling to find melody]
    Jacob: [laying back in Herbie's arms, sharing a cigarette]
    Me: What just happened?

  • rollership
    rollership 3 months ago+545

    "it gets naughty right"
    "you can get away with it"
    ...what's happening

  • Марсель Фатыхов

    The man has only 3 stages of life:
    3.Herbie Hancock

  • Gwen
    Gwen 3 months ago+456

    “let’s do amazing grace in its simplest form”
    freakin just shreds guitar
    “yeah okay, uh huh”

  • BarknoorZ
    BarknoorZ 3 months ago+567

    I thought he'd be explaining this to people who had no clue what harmony was. But no. THEY'RE PROS.