GIANT Rice Crispy Treat Challenge! (3,840 Calories)

  • Published on:  12/7/2017
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  • Mr.Boomerang
    Mr.Boomerang 11 months ago+1103

    Matt in this video is like one of those catterpillars that eat leaves

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch 4 months ago+779

    When your mom says she will be gone for 10 minutes

  • dFuZe Raven
    dFuZe Raven 4 months ago+260

    The guy who eats the most in the world but still stays in shape

  • Patrick
    Patrick 4 months ago+513

    I thought he would have to make that then I thought oh
    He lives in America

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  a years ago+4097

    Things I can't do anymore...
    - Brush my teeth
    - Drink Orange Juice
    - Eat spicy food
    - Listerine

  • Lina Jijou
    Lina Jijou a years ago+211

    الي جاي من عند سحس لايك

  • Aaron Tewodros
    Aaron Tewodros 4 months ago+121

    Me:eats the small version of the Rice Krispies treat Gaines 500 pounds
    Matt stonie:eats a BIG VERSION of the Rice Krispies treat and gains no pounds

  • Nallely Sorto
    Nallely Sorto 6 months ago+72

    I need to know your workout routine after eating so much food😂

  • Dank banana
    Dank banana 4 months ago+133

    looks at rice crispy
    gains 93762 pounds

  • Dkd Djhh
    Dkd Djhh 11 months ago+110

    الي جاي من سحس لايك

  • Sami Hd
    Sami Hd a years ago+313

    الي جاء من طرف سحس لايك😂

  • Ahmad Etoom
    Ahmad Etoom 11 months ago+121

    حدا عربي هون معقول

  • CherryPink
    CherryPink 3 months ago+19

    I felt sick from eating too many rice crispies
    so i watched this

  • Stuart Guy
    Stuart Guy a years ago+2644

    Those sped up shots looked like those nature documentaries where a caterpillar eats a leaf

  • رهوفه حبيبت الملايين

    احب قبل م نام اتابع ناس يكلون مين زي لايك و كمان الي تعبنين مررره بدون سبب لايك 😂

  • همس الجنوبيهہ

    من جاي من سحس. 😅

  • Gamingwith Kemet Rowe
    Gamingwith Kemet Rowe 4 months ago+15

    no diabetes yet. Alright I’ll come back next time.

  • علاوي الشبكي
    علاوي الشبكي 11 months ago+87

    طهمجه تايم 😎✌

  • Santosh Goud
    Santosh Goud 3 days ago+1

    Doctor : what is your blood type
    Matt : Giant rice crispy treat😂😂

  • ItsEuan
    ItsEuan 1 months ago+8

    Why are like 99% of the comments Arabic lmao