Terry Crews Breaks Down His 10 Most Iconic Characters | GQ



  • David Powers
    David Powers 4 months ago+2958

    This is what masculinity should be striving for.

  • LeftHandShred2
    LeftHandShred2 2 months ago+1426

    He seems genuinely grateful for his career, and I love that.

  • Carmen Urias
    Carmen Urias 2 months ago+945

    Terry Crews is a giant muscular teddy bear that deserves to be loved and appreciated

  • Elizabeth Arrowood
    Elizabeth Arrowood 2 months ago+804

    I think my new 2019 goal is to be a little more like Terry Crews every single day.

  • Cherry Stone
    Cherry Stone 8 months ago+6452

    He was the highlight of White Chicks

  • sheena
    sheena 5 months ago+559

    How did he not get Genie but Will Smith did?

  • Shtzweak
    Shtzweak 2 months ago+308

    Terry crews, the rock, and Keanu Reeves, these guys need a nice off. Compete to see whose the nicest celebrity

  • Derek Lariviere
    Derek Lariviere 2 months ago+351

    This guy is a living example of how a hard worker with a positive attitude gets noticed and appreciated.

  • RawReviews
    RawReviews 2 months ago+424

    Every interview I watch of Terry Crews I find myself respecting him more and more

  • Endiya Earrings
    Endiya Earrings 1 months ago+250

    Hold on...
    He knew all the lyrics of "A Thousand Miles" before the movie💀

  • Romo
    Romo 4 months ago+326

    Director: Hey man. You want to be in this movie?
    Terry: Yeah
    Director: Look... I want you to take your shirt off
    0:55 had me shook for a bit 🤣

  • Clarissa Elisabeth
    Clarissa Elisabeth 3 months ago+138

    He is the equivalent of healthy masculinity

  • alex Jay
    alex Jay 2 months ago+192

    Protect this man at all costs.

  • Josephi Krakowski
    Josephi Krakowski a years ago+1902

    I love Terry Crews, but he forgot his most iconic character: The Old Spice Guy!

  • Crypthicc
    Crypthicc 1 months ago+71

    Terry Crews : BREATHES
    [ Everybody liked that ]

  • Brinx NPH
    Brinx NPH 5 months ago+132

    Terry is a master at turning contrived, sh*tty roles into comedic gold.

  • NeenanTheNinja
    NeenanTheNinja 4 months ago+159

    "Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2013-2018"
    Not anymore!

  • Old Man Mercenary
    Old Man Mercenary 2 months ago+120

    Great Actor..better person.
    I love his Old Spice Commercials...those thing had me cracking up

  • Ilias a.
    Ilias a. 7 months ago+1827

    He is like the cool Dad everybody wants too have.

  • Jasmin Volkmann
    Jasmin Volkmann 1 months ago+62

    That white chicks scene is probably my most used gif and I'm proud of it😂