2018: The BEST & WORST Moments in Animation!

  • Published on:  12/28/2018
  • There were a lot of really great cartoon releases in 2018, but I gotta be honest - there were a lot of real bad ones out there. I hate to admit it, but even Teen Titans Go to the Movies was better than any of the cartoons we’re about to list. That being said, it was a GREAT year for animation in a lot of different areas! We got some truly bomb series finales, comic book films, AND raunchy Netflix comedies. So it wasn’t all bad. I’m Kris Carr and these are the best and worst moments for cartoons in 2018. Subscribe For More NerdWire! ►► https://bit.ly/2MUgI0i►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsevFollow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudiosFind us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsevWatch us on ROKU: https://channelstore.roku.com/details...TopBuzz: https://www.topbuzz.com/user/64881988...


  • InvaderDag14
    InvaderDag14 7 months ago+37

    Just to counter this, I actually enjoyed Disenchantment

  • Shaun Jay
    Shaun Jay 7 months ago+41

    Disenchantment was awesome. Had me laughing from start to finish.

  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 7 months ago+16

    I would say both the Incredibles 2 and Disenchantment were good, not grea.

  • Jennie
    Jennie 7 months ago+15

    Spiderman into the spider verse is easily one the best movies ever fight me!! I totally agree with this list, u guys are epic!!

  • xocutievxo
    xocutievxo 7 months ago+4

    If incredible 2 beats into the spider verse for any sort of award I'm going to rage.
    Incredible 2 was fun but into the spiderverse was just on a whole other level of greatness.

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 7 months ago+4


  • The Hellfire Club!
    The Hellfire Club! 7 months ago+5

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was the benchmark for future animation. The best animated movie I saw. The best Spider-Man Movie to date!

  • silent assassin644
    silent assassin644 7 months ago+12

    I thought disenchanted why's the best this year followed up bye big mouth and seven deadly sins season 2

  • Mike I
    Mike I 7 months ago+2

    girl, teen titans go to the movies is dope!

  • Max Jensen
    Max Jensen 7 months ago+2

    I liked Disenchantmant and the incredibles 2 and didn't really like Bojack Horseman (even tho I only saw the first episode)

  • Ronan Buddy
    Ronan Buddy 7 months ago+1

    Nobody criticizes Incredibles 2!

  • Crystal Atkins
    Crystal Atkins 7 months ago+1

    Kris Carr please I Love total Dramarama plus Gwen is sooo cute!!!!😻

  • The Dark Eevee 33
    The Dark Eevee 33 7 months ago+1

    I’m sorry I actually LIKED the hollow and I love it no matter how annoying the characters are and it had that maze runner vibe to me ya know
    (Shout out to all those maze runner fans)

  • Anna Pearlthunder_SSO
    Anna Pearlthunder_SSO 7 months ago+1

    How dare you thumbs down on Disenchantment! XD

  • The_Lost_Son
    The_Lost_Son 7 months ago+1

    Gotta differ on Total Dramarama and The Hollow

  • TL Brown #Enigma_Public
    TL Brown #Enigma_Public 7 months ago+4

    Disenchanted was awesome

  • Luna3179
    Luna3179 7 months ago+1

    I LOVE Disenchanted 💖💖💖💖

  • Draven De La Cruz
    Draven De La Cruz 7 months ago+1

    Disenchantment Was great and I laugh all the time

  • KSK_ Crimson
    KSK_ Crimson 7 months ago+1

    Disenchantmant was my fav show so i hat u

  • john west
    john west 7 months ago+2

    I love disenchantment!