'Superman dive' at finishing line gives university athlete dramatic win in 400m hurdles

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • University track star Infinite Tucker clinched victory in the 400m hurdles by performing a 'Superman dive' over the finishing line during an athletics meeting in Arkansas.

    Tucker, who attends Texas A&M, played down his dramatic victory over teammate Robert Grant saying: 'I saw my [mother] at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug. And that's all it is.'
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  • Steel Wool (May 14, 2019)

    The 2020 Olympic runners just found their newest strategy

  • Butt Why?? (May 15, 2019)

    +nikkiab86 there are no rules prohibiting anyone from jumping all the way from the start to the finish line. Rules don't dictate techniques. As long as you follow the track and don't cheat using external devices - you can do whatever you want.

  • antonis antoniou (May 16, 2019)

    His answer was funnier than his fall

  • Shawn Hughes (1 day ago)

    +felipe marcano nope.. he did that on purpose and may have literally changed the sport of running forever

  • felipe marcano (2 days ago)

    +Cara Lama he lost balance

  • Kohli salah (5 days ago)

    Reporter to the 2nd athlete : btw why did u jump2nd athlete : his mother is my aunty

  • Erica D'Souza (2 days ago)


  • alluneedis Love (3 days ago)


  • AKAPORN VIRIYANON (1 day ago)


  • Josh D (2 days ago)

    Unless you identify as a bird, then you can use an airplane to race. If you disagree, you are racist and homophobic towards creatures with wings.

  • Random Person (May 16, 2019)

    You know that someone has to edit the video now to make him fly

  • ZenJediMusic (1 day ago)

    Uriah A I feel you man let’s call it both! Lol

  • Uriah A (1 day ago)

    +ZenJediMusic I guess it's kinda obnoxious but it's my child hood cause it was in nba2k12

  • Hoàng Phú (May 13, 2019)

    When u see ur bed after a long day.

  • Clifford Pascioles (9 hours ago)


  • Matthew DR (May 16, 2019)

    2nd guy: Wait thats illegal

  • Phume Mdluli (1 day ago)

    I think that's why anyone came to the comments. I'm biting my nails, and eating popcorn.

  • Uncrowned King (3 days ago)


  • Piano Boi (2 days ago)

    Coach: we need this win.Athlete: just watch me

  • teddy roth (23 hours ago)

    They are all on the same team

  • Galaxy Light (3 days ago)

    Hug his mother ...how cute ❤. Btw very funny move maybe I ll do it...or not xD.

  • Galaxy Light (2 hours ago)

    +Sayuuri yes

  • Sayuuri (3 hours ago)

    Galaxy Light a toram player xD

  • Просто он очень сильно хотел победить. :) А вы попробуйте повторить за ним! ;)