Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together

  • Published on:  6/19/2019
  • So we melted one of every lipstick from CVS together. Once again, a big thank you to Honey! Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ My subscribers have saved an average of $57.32 on stores like Amazon, Target & Sephora!The frankenlipstick giveaway is now CLOSED to new entries - winners will be contacted in the upcoming weeks!So as you all know, I have done many frankenmakeup experiments over the past couple of years - and about a year ago, I made a mega-franken-lipstick by melting every lipstick from Sephora together - to see, roughly, what the "average" lipstick from Sephora would look like. And I've always wondered if that "average" would vary from store to store - so I ransacked CVS and bought one of every lipstick they sell there to make into a mega-franken-CVS lipstick. And then we melted down those 500 lipsticks, and made 400 to send to you all!Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications!Safiya's IG: Editors: Emily Linden & Claire WileyMusicvia Audio NetworkSFXVia Audioblocks


  • Sasha Cottee
    Sasha Cottee 2 months ago+949

    The amount of effort she puts in these videos is incredible

  • Lindsay Murray
    Lindsay Murray 7 days ago+648

    She should mix all of Jeffrey star lipsticks because he has some crazy different colours that would make something awesome.

  • Finbar Buckley
    Finbar Buckley 21 days ago+784

    Am I the only person who thinks safiya should have her own makeup line?

  • CatsLonelyCorner
    CatsLonelyCorner 1 months ago+1433

    Store Employee: What color lipstick?
    Saf: Yes
    Edit: my gosh thank you for the likes 😂

  • lucy miller
    lucy miller 14 days ago+622

    Red: Redbanger
    Purple: Wine snob
    Brown: Choco Taco
    Misc: Area 51
    Pink: Sass-o-frass
    Frankenstein: Chryscolla bomb
    Orange: Citrus tang
    Nude: Nudist colony

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 2 months ago+5429

    Safiya: buys all the lipstick in CVS
    Bank: Ah shit, here we go again

  • Addie
    Addie 28 days ago+597

    Cvs: Ahh, just restocked
    Safiya: grabs all the lipsticks
    Cvs: am I a joke to u?

  • Jimin got no jams
    Jimin got no jams 28 days ago+517

    I love watching people waste money for my entertainment, so that i dont have to.
    Thank you Safiya!

  • Brianna Evans
    Brianna Evans 7 days ago+122

    Just a suggestion, maybe you could go and give the workers at the CVS a free frankenlipstick. Just as a thank you for taking so much time in scanning.

  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson 7 days ago+58

    Imagine if safiya was ur science teacher😂💗

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 months ago+1157

    When Safs Frankenlippies are better quality than Jaclyn Cosmetics, lol.

  • Nicole Saslow
    Nicole Saslow 14 days ago+235

    Franken-CVS: Here We Go Again
    Nude: Nudelantis
    Pink: Barbara Millicent Roberts
    Red: Bloody Hell!
    Brown: Augustus Gloop
    Purple: Grapely Appreciated
    Orange: tAnGy
    Miscellaneous: They Can’t Stop Us All

  • Jillian Maxwell
    Jillian Maxwell 7 days ago+51

    Thief: steals Safiya’s credit card and goes on a spending spree
    Chase Bank: Yep usual activity lookin good... probably has a sponsor...

  • Evelyn C.
    Evelyn C. 14 days ago+158

    no one:
    literally no one:
    not even a single soul:
    safiya, 2019: "I think the butthole looks good."

  • Adéla Tománková
    Adéla Tománková 21 days ago+147

    Safiya: They say "which one?" I say, "No, I want all of them"

  • Shaza
    Shaza 2 months ago+2328

    When Safiya makes homemade lipsticks better than Jaclyn Hills' hairy lipstick 😂😂😂

  • Scouravi
    Scouravi 4 days ago+27

    Who else thinks she should sell her own brand called FRANKEN

  • Wooli e
    Wooli e 7 days ago+60

    when buying things in bulk
    "Are you frauds?"
    "No, we're YouTubers."

  • Genevathediva
    Genevathediva 21 days ago+60

    Next up: Melting every soap in Bath & Bodyworks together.

  • Mia Peach
    Mia Peach 14 days ago+86

    Can you do a Bath Bomb out of all Bath Bombs of Lush it would be crazyyy 😂♥️