28 Days Build and Living in Secret Underground House

  • Published on:  7/13/2019
  • 28 Days Build and Living in Secret Underground HouseRecently, I built a secret underground house with things in nature and lived there for 28 days. Inside the underground house there is a bathtub, a fish pond and a water tank. There is a bed next to the kitchen and a fireplace. There are 3 compartments to divide food by each type. The underground house is fully equipped to help me live there for a long time. I look for food in nature and accumulate it enough to live for a long time without going out.Thank you very much for your value time to Watch,Like,Comment,Share and Subscribe our videos on Primitive Technology Idea Channel, and we will try all our best to find more idea as try to Create more videos to make your assist and more facilities.If you have any idea or more convenience to support us please don't hesitate to contact with us all time 24TH/7 Days.Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Primitive-Te...Other video: Dig To Build Most Water Slide House Around Swimming Pool Undergroundhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuVS_...Build The Most Underground Water Slide House Around Swimming Poolhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8X1s...


  • TopiVerneri TM
    TopiVerneri TM 7 days ago+7183

    dude just tell her you're sorry and go back home

  • XenderLord
    XenderLord 3 days ago+635

    Wow it's really stunning to see how realistic Minecraft can look with shaders

  • TeeTom06
    TeeTom06 2 days ago+88

    Still nobody:
    Primitive Guy: Slaps Watermelon with sexual intent

  • Hyzro
    Hyzro 3 days ago+242

    These minecraft updates have gone a bit too far

  • Alec Rhim
    Alec Rhim 3 days ago+342

    Naked and afraid: Bring one survival item of your choice
    This guy: brings a stick

  • U Gud
    U Gud 3 days ago+188

    Normal People: I fall asleep to whale noises
    Me: I fall asleep to people digging holes with sticks

  • The Jackiz
    The Jackiz 3 days ago+147

    His mom : you can’t play minecraft for another 28 days
    Him : no problem...

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 2 days ago+95

    Imagine walking through a forest, seeing a hole with a guy cooking bananas

  • Music Topics
    Music Topics 3 days ago+136

    Why does this man eat the bananas so aggressively!

  • Charlie Bakies
    Charlie Bakies 4 days ago+1624

    So your telling me that this dude took a stick and a bowl and made a house better than I ever had in Minecraft

  • Aditya Paricharak
    Aditya Paricharak 3 days ago+36

    You kill the fish first before you cook it. You burned that thing alive. Nice thing you built though.

  • thechill_guy
    thechill_guy 3 days ago+167

    Builder Lvl 10
    Hunter Lvl 8
    Gatherer Lvl 8
    Resourcefulness... GOD LEVEL

  • Collision YT
    Collision YT 3 days ago+130

    Wooden stick
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency V
    Sharpness IV

  • Jett Nazario
    Jett Nazario 2 days ago+29

    Mom: Go play outside you’ve been inside all day
    Me: ......

  • Cool_guy Cole
    Cool_guy Cole 4 days ago+1117

    Wow he must got a lot of dirt in his inventory

  • Gijs van Hoven
    Gijs van Hoven 2 days ago+31

    Me: building secret base in minecraft
    This random guy: building secret base in real life

  • Critic115
    Critic115 3 days ago+57

    Don't you need a chimney?
    Something to cover door if it rains/keep the secret?
    Water drainage?

  • Lemmonator 111
    Lemmonator 111 3 days ago+63

    my mom: honey stop watching make believe stuff on youtube

  • Rob Gerbart
    Rob Gerbart 3 days ago+82

    I love this is a video showing how a primitive person would make an underground house but he is wearing nike shorts the whole time

  • Pieter Boer
    Pieter Boer 3 days ago+1043

    3 mysteries on earth:
    - bermuda triangle
    - area 51
    -youtubes algorithem