Which Taco Is Hiding $100 • Challenge

  • Published on:  6/25/2019
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  • sharon z
    sharon z 1 months ago+4395

    why did i think the $100 was actually going to be inside the taco

  • Iman Fadlalla
    Iman Fadlalla 1 months ago+1482

    yall really made me think the $100 was actually gonna be inside the tacos huh

  • Pourya Bigonah
    Pourya Bigonah 1 months ago+694

    I knew not listening to my mom when she told me to stop inhaling my food...could one day pay off

  • Jaime N
    Jaime N 1 months ago+183

    Its a free meal regardless so its a win win

  • amyapplejuice
    amyapplejuice 1 months ago+265

    Watching them flip the plates over and having all the food scraps fall on the table was distracting me from the actual point of the video, I was just like NO THAT'S MESSY

  • rosenzauber
    rosenzauber 1 months ago+372

    What does the fact, that I love these $ 100 videos, say about my personality??

  • KLYee
    KLYee 1 months ago+151

    Kevin's face after taking his first bite HAHA

  • D H R U V
    D H R U V 1 months ago+78

    Bruh I don't even want the $100 just give me the damn tacos 😂😂

  • Thiago
    Thiago 1 months ago+118

    This could have ended up as a prank for all three without any 100$ bill😂😂😂

  • Anjana
    Anjana 1 months ago+328

    What did the librarian say to the student?
    Read more

  • Samira Degusar
    Samira Degusar 1 months ago+56

    Kevin is honestly the best ❤️❤️❤️ need more episodes with him

  • Junpei ANIMATES
    Junpei ANIMATES 1 months ago+115

    I should be studying...
    But i wanna watch this first.

  • cheyyy n
    cheyyy n 1 months ago+39

    I was strictly here for Kevin to watch him finally do a $100 challenge LOL

  • Spazzikz
    Spazzikz 1 months ago+96

    Wow I chose the right plate! I could've won $100 just by eating one taco.

  • Veekay_
    Veekay_ 1 months ago+14

    Bruh, when Kevin did that high pitched “Okay” after tasting the first taco 🌮 I laughed so hard 😂

  • Jenn
    Jenn 1 months ago+16

    Ima need Kevin to come back with more challenges... his videos are my favorite now :'(

  • SchennyoOoO
    SchennyoOoO 1 months ago+29

    As long as a video has Kevin in it, it's amazing

  • Jonah Maegraith
    Jonah Maegraith 1 months ago+20

    I wish the 100$ bill was stuffed in the taco

  • Bert
    Bert 1 months ago+21

    Why do I always watch food videos while trying to intermittent fast? 😭

  • mbulti77
    mbulti77 1 months ago+8

    No one:
    Nobody at all:
    Buzzfeed: Which taco hides $100 challenge