Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD

  • Published on:  7/10/2019
  • NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made recent statements about the NBA tampering rules and players forcing trades. Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to give his thoughts on the matter and states two ways to potentially stop players from demanding trades.#TheHerd#NBA#AdamSilver#NBATamperingSUBSCRIBE to get all the latest content from The Herd: ►Watch the latest content from The Herd: ►Watch our favorite content on “Best of The Herd”: ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel:►UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: ►Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: See more from THE HERD: Like THE HERD on Facebook: Follow THE HERD on Twitter: Follow THE HERD on Instagram: Follow Colin Cowherd on Twitter: About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • Do you like NBA players teaming up?

  • Trent Brentford 10 days ago

    why this clown keeps getting airtime i dont know. Clippers Are OUT!!!!

  • Marcus McCurty 10 days ago

    Yes and no it’s good for the big city teams and the smaller city teams see less and less success

  • Viet Bui 12 days ago

    Why is everybody using julius Randle as an example? Iol

  • Bill Cook 12 days ago

    Why pick on Julius so much? He's a very good role player. He's at home like saying WTH

  • ablackprep 11 days ago

    Julius 🍊 Randle is a nice starter

  • Creux 12 days ago

    *Lmao Paul George requested 2 trades in like 3-4 seasons. Smh*

  • Tim Snortin' 9 days ago

    se7en Zee The Heat are the definition of a super team tf

  • Louis Joseph 10 days ago

    se7en Zee the warriors got challenged by the rockets 2 playoffs ago, and if cp3 didnt get injured the rockets might have won the whole series, but u would still call them a super steam, the dwight, kobe, nash, and gasol team when first made were considered a super team because all 4 of those players were considered top 30 players in the league, even tho they had more talent than everyone, they were terrible, but people still consider then a super team because of their top level talent

  • M_at_25 Zin 12 days ago

    Kawhi must've learned from Machiavelli or from the Art of War; dude is truly an assassin.

  • Samuel Hong 10 days ago

    Cormel he’s the king of the north obviously in a few history books

  • Neil Alderman 12 days ago

    In what universe is Dwight Howard not a hall of famer ? Have they seen some of the credentials of current hall of famers

  • Neil Alderman 10 days ago

    Pain Killer he’s going to the hall so sit this one out. Chris is wrong a lot

  • byron martin 10 days ago

    @Neil Alderman Your not looking at it right. Dwight Howard's prime there were no good Centers left. Webbers position had Garnett, Sheed, Duncan, Stoudemire, Dirk started to come up and he also came in when Karl Malone and Barkley was still in the league and Shawn Kemp was still in his prime! He played in an era loaded with forwards. He's not a hof just because he was never better than Duncan and Garnett!? How many people in history are???

  • c holt 12 days ago

    If Melo & CP3 a Hall of Famer. Dwight Howard gotta be a Hall of Famer. Dude made it to the finals once & was the best Center in the league for a 5 year stretch.

  • Admiral Xizor 4 days ago

    @Kristopher Rice Not really. My *very* first post made it clear what I was saying:"If ONE Finals makes you a Hall of Famer, then make way for Chauncey Billups & Andre Iguodala & Michael Cooper..."... that is, the Hall is diluted, and "good" players are getting in - it's not restricted to "greats".if you agree with that, then cool.

  • Kristopher Rice 4 days ago

    Admiral Xizor whatever bro😂 you argued with me the whole time just to agree with me... thanks😂

  • natskis 12 days ago

    I'm old enough to remember when Colin didn't like Kawhi cause he was quiet ... Couldn't be the face of a franchise

  • Mohamad Mahmoud 12 days ago

    natskis no one respects any of the fox sports analysts. We just watch because they are entertaining and we love to hate them.

  • Asmosis Jones 12 days ago

    didnt he say that this year lol

  • MG23 12 days ago

    Without trades and players leaving in FA most teams would remain irrelevant forever. It is better for the league to have fans tune in to see their team than it is to have fans tune in to see certain players.Plenty of fans who would never have seen the Raptors win a title in their lives if Kawhi never went there. Plenty of NBA fans in New York with nothing to look forward to for years and now Brooklyn will be potentially relevant.

  • MG23 11 days ago

    @WolfPack 1996 Yeah cause it was better for NYK to keep paying Melo to get them nowhere.

  • SloppeyJoe 6D9 11 days ago

    MG23 every other sports league is trying to emulate the nba system.

  • Raymond Acosta 12 days ago

    quoting skip baseless destroys your cred in milliseconds

  • Nildeezy 11 days ago

    Lmaooo I lost it on baseless. But to be fair skip is right like half the time on alot of things

  • Nicholas Stein 12 days ago

    Oh yeah. Once he quoted him, I couldn’t take him serious at all.