Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

  • Published on:  6/19/2016
  • Looks like someones having a bad dream?Official DHMIS t-shirts and posters here - the official DHMIS 6 ' Dreams Song' here !! by Becky Sloan & Joseph PellingA Blink Industries Production http://www.beckyandjoes.com the Facebook group!!!!


  • Zippy Ragu
    Zippy Ragu 3 years ago+4589

    I love how the end they all turn into their favorite color.

  • luna 00
    luna 00 2 months ago+3085

    Lamp: "but that's silly"
    Yellow guy: "No!" * turns lights off *
    Credits start rolling

  • What’s Edits
    What’s Edits 2 months ago+1334

    What’s your favorite idea?
    Ah sh*t, here we go again.

  • Curvy Sister
    Curvy Sister 2 months ago+1974

    Clock Guy appears.
    Yellow Guy: YOU MADE ME DIE!

  • Eljay
    Eljay 2 months ago+766

    Just checking back June 19, 2019 to see if there’s a new installment.

  • garrettjolsen
    garrettjolsen 3 years ago+4171

    WAIT! The whole series is just one day!
    DHMIS 1: They're sitting at the table having breakfast.
    DHMIS 2: Mid-morning.
    DHMIS 3: Picnic for lunch.
    DHMIS 4: Afternoon.
    DHMIS 5: The puppets are having dinner
    DHMIS 6: Yellow guy getting ready for bed.
    End of DHMIS 6: The morning of the next day, why the calendar changes dates. They are in the same location as the first day.
    ....Just a theory...

  • TheNinjaNerd!
    TheNinjaNerd! 2 months ago+336

    Disney in 1950: A dream is a wish your heart makes... when you're fast asleep...
    YouTube in 2016:... OR YOU COULD HAVE A DREAM ABOUT D R O W N I N G I N O I L!

  • REDstillLIVES
    REDstillLIVES 2 months ago+357

    To think the lessons ive learned
    Creativity- is just based on what you seen before u cant create new colors or see new things in clouds
    Time- a concept of perception that we eventually run out of
    Love- a fake concept that nobody can truley explain, just how life makes u want to create more
    Technology- a gateway we use to escape our real lifes that boils down to pixels on a screen
    Food- life we consume made in masses that kill us slowly
    Dreams- the only concept of escape we have beyond drugs
    Life-somthing that controls us the thing we all have in common
    And it all ends once we "unplug"
    And this is the story that makes us scared of life its self😔

  • cavetown fanboy
    cavetown fanboy 1 months ago+528

    Timestamps for those who need them
    0:30 The lamp
    0:53 The dreams Song
    1:14 Bad dream
    1:32 Red guy in the office
    2:41 Everyone at the bar
    3:26 Red guy sings
    4:31 Red guy leaves the stage
    4:49 He finds show machine
    5:00 Dreams song pt. 2
    5:08 Tony the clock
    5:24 Computer Guy
    5:33 The butterfly (love)
    5:40 The meat man
    5:44 the trash can (food)
    5:47 Duck
    5:50 Space man
    5:59 American Football
    6:03 Magnet
    6:07 Shovel
    6:12 Musical instrument
    6:16 File
    6:20 Traffic light
    6:24 Gel
    6:27 Cigarette
    6:29 Speaker
    6:36 Roy Finds red guy
    7:24 Red guy pulls the plug
    7:32 A new start
    7:46 Credits
    Please like and get this to the top so others can see

  • LukePlayz_435 2880
    LukePlayz_435 2880 2 months ago+481

    It’s June 19th 2019 It’s been 3 years now since DHMIS ended

  • Rilian
    Rilian 3 months ago+1752

    Anyone else rewatched them all again?

    REL8 ABLE 2 months ago+205

    looks like somebody’s having a...

    KEYBEARER92 2 months ago+300

    They got rebooted as their favorite colors from the first video 😭

  • CanadaDragon1
    CanadaDragon1 2 months ago+263

    Happy June 19th. I am a file, and you put documents in me.

  • Eastlilclaws
    Eastlilclaws 1 months ago+68

    Producers: How much do you want to torture your son in DHMIS episode 6?
    Roy (Yellow Guys dad): YES

  • Tra3_ a1
    Tra3_ a1 11 months ago+4205

    I felt bad for yellow dude. Bro lost all his homies because of songs.

  • life simulator
    life simulator 2 months ago+129

    Yellow guy: sees lamp
    Lamp: I’m boutta end this mans whole career

  • Super Cool 99
    Super Cool 99 2 months ago+63

    Don't hug me I'm scared 6: 1:06

  • Dan Fowler
    Dan Fowler 1 months ago+54

    Lamp: * turns self on * oh! Somebody's sleepy!
    Yellow dude: huh?
    Lamp: heheheheuhuh but thats silly!
    Yellow dude: NO ! * slaps light switch *
    The end.

  • ItzAlexa
    ItzAlexa 2 months ago+65

    Plot twist: If you put more brightness on the credits you will notice Roy watching us on the corner
    Wheeze dont judge me if its fakeee