iPhone 11 Prototype Leaks AGAIN.. Bender Approves



  • Ashley LaVelle
    Ashley LaVelle 7 months ago+359

    Everyone: complains about iPhones being the same every year
    Apple: changes the design
    Everyone: eww no what are you doing change it back

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav 7 months ago+354

    Is it me or Apple intentionally leaks prototypes to get user opinion.

  • Sultan Al Hadidi
    Sultan Al Hadidi 7 months ago+29

    Somebody call the Ambulance 🚑 apple is dying ☠️💀💀💀💀

  • Hiram Rivera
    Hiram Rivera 7 months ago+46

    No one is going to pay more than $999 for a $199 looking design

  • Cheyenne Forbes
    Cheyenne Forbes 7 months ago+67

    People: expecting a new design
    Apple: uses the iPhone X design again
    People: 😲
    Apple: that's how the mafia works

  • It is Me
    It is Me 7 months ago+761

    I prefer this to remain a joke and at most a prototype........😑😑

  • Double Doppler
    Double Doppler 7 months ago+239

    I think I'm going to be sick...

  • Skylancer727
    Skylancer727 7 months ago+123

    Still will never understand why on iphones the camera sticks out of the back while on most android phones the camera is flush. It would really calm my nerves if my $1500 phone didn't rock on the table.

  • Felix Garcia
    Felix Garcia 7 months ago+45

    It’s a damn 2008 lg

  • EnchantedDog 22
    EnchantedDog 22 7 months ago+24

    It looks like a LG G5😅😂😬

  • chrissx Media
    chrissx Media 7 months ago+515

    man, losing 3d touch would suck sooo much

  • Harrison Signorello
    Harrison Signorello 7 months ago+12

    Why would Apple ever do this, the camera is a very distinctive part of the phone and instead they’re going for the $70 android look

  • Karma
    Karma 7 months ago+13

    “I think I prefer the square design”
    Millions of human beings die instantly

  • Moaz el meniawy
    Moaz el meniawy 7 months ago+13

    Apple is transforming to android zombi phones

  • skipper
    skipper 7 months ago+10

    Both designs are jokes!!!👅

  • Ruben Eckersley
    Ruben Eckersley 7 months ago+401

    Steve Jobs would fire everyone involved with this disaster if he were alive.

  • Jetty McFly
    Jetty McFly 7 months ago+130

    looks like a low end android

  • pranjali kumbhar
    pranjali kumbhar 7 months ago+3

    Apple Engineers:What new to do in iPhone 11?
    Me:Go ahead and see Stranger Parts on YouTube,checkout his awesome stuff on iPhone modification 💰

  • Ryan O'Neill
    Ryan O'Neill 7 months ago+11

    Lol the square is better, hate to say it but now t to s

  • BoxBeater
    BoxBeater 7 months ago+2

    where exactly do we go from an all screen design, once it happens? like.. if every phone is all screen, it's gonna be what.. just OS and camera functionality?