The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!



  • Jiyaad Naeem
    Jiyaad Naeem 8 months ago+211

    You know your company's in trouble when a channel named after you says Samsung is better.

  • RamBoomBom 3327
    RamBoomBom 3327 8 months ago+673

    If Samsung didn’t exist Apple would stick with the same design for so long and sell it over and over again with improvements as small as possible...

  • Lt Meow
    Lt Meow 8 months ago+261

    When the s10 comes out I’ll prob get the s8 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 8 months ago+247

    Samsung has left iphone in the dust every year

  • Plasma Wave
    Plasma Wave 8 months ago+107

    Bye bye apple hello Samsung

  • Johnathan Aggrey
    Johnathan Aggrey 8 months ago+688

    You know it's bad when an Apple reviewer starts praising Samsung

  • exoticism
    exoticism 8 months ago+128

    Apple has alot of resources, but when it comes to hardware, Samsung has been in the lead for years.
    Holy cow, I haven't checked on this video in along time and I have so many likes, Tysm!
    Come at me apple fanboys

    Dj ILLUSION 8 months ago+143

    They better keep the headphone jack

    ZELAN PW 8 months ago+52

    After steve jobs died apple lost

  • Blue Vegerot
    Blue Vegerot 8 months ago+39

    Omg that S10 is absolutely gorgeous ,i already have an s9+ and its a very good phone. Samsung has everything iphone doesnt have.

  • Joker
    Joker 8 months ago+492

    I cant keep up anymore. By the time i watch all the reviews and make up my mind on what phone to get, it becomes almost outdated.

  • Yassir Harit
    Yassir Harit 8 months ago+75

    Just give us a better battery I don't care how many camera's you add.

  • Bloodyrain XV
    Bloodyrain XV 8 months ago+202

    I still use my s7 edge 😐

  • Mido
    Mido 7 months ago+32

    I’m using my iPhone 6s and waiting for the S10 plus 🤘🏻

    PEACE OUT 8 months ago+23

    if the price of s10 is lower than iphone XS then samsung will rip apple apart, its going to pull in extreme crowds, just keep it under iphone price and let peopel do.the calculation

  • Attirel
    Attirel 7 months ago+24

    Apple fanbois, in case you didn't know Samsung been doing things before Apple for a long time now. Samsung is #1 phone company rn. Apple isn't even #2 and hasn't seen any innovation is years.

  • Pinking Lily
    Pinking Lily 8 months ago+129

    No headphone jack is a crime. Just stop.

  • Dario .M
    Dario .M 7 months ago+31

    Samsung could also give wireless headphones with the phone

  • iNfam0usColors
    iNfam0usColors 8 months ago+28

    Had an iPhone 4s 9th grade and it was actually a pretty good phone. When I got introduced to android however I will never switch up. EVER. Most of my friends have the iPhone X and they told me it isn't worth it. Typing this on my new s9 btw it's a beauty.

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 8 months ago+503

    It seemed pretty clear to me this year that Samsung was holding their punches for the 10th anniversary.